Mushroom guys buy Orbit

When Orbit Billiards on The Corner closed suddenly April 1, some thought it was an April Fool's joke, and it quickly became a topic of discussion on local blogs like Why did Orbit close? Did someone buy it? Oh no, the loss of another small music venue! Well, it turns out that some of the rumors floating around are true–Mellow Mushroom owners John Adamson and Andrew Watson have bought Orbit (it's been for sale for some time) and plan to keep the pool tables. They plan to go in the gourmet burger direction, focusing a little more on the food. Sources says they're planning to renovate and may have already chosen a name...The Joint. Stay tuned for more updates.


yes sir thats my boys always so cryptic with there name selection...tell em to eat jimmy johns and shit out a club.....

The joint, the local, is sign lettering really that expensive?
When will "the bar" open up?

Aside from Christians Pizza, this is the worst thing to happen to the corner in years. Not only did we lose a great bar in Orbit, I can only guess by the way Mellow Mushroom is run that we just gained another bar that welcomes high schoolers with open arms to come get drunk at their establishment.