Tie me down at OXO

Interested in a little light bondage on a Friday night? Well, Alice Kim over at OXO says they're planning to have a "bondage" event at the Water Street restaurant on April 18 as part of their popular "OXO After Dark" nights.

"It would be described as bondage lite," says Kim. "Nothing hardcore, since we're clueless¢ââ??¬Š just flirty, sexy, and provocative. There will be the usually dancing as well as interactive diversions...and a human cage!"

Kim also says there'll be a $100 cash prize for best "fantasy attire." Tickets are on sale now for $15/person and things get kinky at 10pm.

OXO Top-priced fusion buffered by comfy cushions...and a fun late night scene! 215 W. Water St. 977-8111.


Sounds braisealicious!

Simply beautiful! But I cant buy the book in Holland...What 2 do nxt?