SI predicts Long will be first pick

Fifteen days before UVA defensive end Chris Long learns his professional football fate when the NFL Draft gets under way, Sports Illustrated predicts he will be chosen first overall by the Miami Dolphins. "He may not have the upside potential of [Ohio State defensive end Vernon] Gholston, or [Louisiana State defensive tackle Glenn] Dorsey," writes SI's Don Banks, "but he has the track record, he has the bloodlines, and he has the stamp of approval from Virginia's Al Groh, a longtime [Dolphins director of football operations Bill] Parcells ally."

The magazine also forecasts that Long won't be the only Cavalier taken early, as they have offensive tackle Branden Albert going to the Denver Broncos as the 12th overall pick. "NFL scouts love Albert," writes Banks, "and believe the ex-Cavalier can handle the transition to tackle as a pro."

If Long and Albert each get drafted in the first round– as most experts think they will– it will be the first time two Wahoos have been first-round picks in the same year since 1997, when linebacker James Farrior went to the New York Jets as the eighth pick, and defensive end Jon Harris landed with the Philadelphia Eagles as the 25th selection.



What's the big deal with the NUMBER 1. Those of us who follow our
Virginia teams know that Chris is an outstanding football talent;
however, he would have been a great or super figure had he played with the team at Blacksburg.

Say what? Do you mean if he had gone to Tech he would have been drafted before #1? Had he gone to Tech would he have been as great or super figure as, say, Michael Vick - or maybe Marcus?

At this stage in his career, being the #1 pick is the highest accolade possible. In fact, had he gone to Tech it's possible he would not be as seriously considered by Miami - don't underestimate the Groh-Parcells connection in this.

Wait a sec there Music Lover, Obviously, if they had gone to Tech someone would want to trade UP for them. Of course each would command about 4 #1 picks each. Yeah, that's how I see it, one for each arm, one for each leg. Then a nice firm grip and heave-ho!Right into a waiting jail cell! Wendell? Could you pass a note along to Mike? My dog has heartworm, any recommendations on treatment or a good Vet?
In Tara the fantasy grows,
FrankLee Scarlet

And today the media reports that the Dolphins are negotiating with JAKE Long. Looks like Chris might have to settle for #2. I think that means we can expect a special "Breaking News" edition of The Hook this morning.

The dolphins will likely negotiate with the top 4-5 players to try to drive the price down by hoping a guy who really wants to be the #1 pick will bite. Also helps insure he doesn't hold out all year like Russell did for the Raiders.

What else do the "little voices" tell you guys?

As a Fin fan for the last 39 years I really hope they don't take Chris at #1. I think it would be best if they could work out a trade and get out of the slot. If they end up getting stuck there I would go with Jake Long.

They currently have just 7 offensively lineman on their roster. Teams typically have a dozen or more. Let's just say the Fins have a true need. They will get at least 2 in the draft and pick up a few more after the draft.

C. Long will go in the top few, I just hope not to the Fins. Of course if I was an expert in all this stuff, I would be running a team. I am merely a fan.

What interview and who are you? Don't leave us hanging in suspense and curiosity!

And as I expected, Jake Long was the choice. Signed today. A 5 year 57 million dollar contract. Bet that buys some wheaties.