Auf Wiedersehen Ludwig's

We hear that Ludwig's Restaurant & Lounge on Fontaine Avenue, which has been serving Bavarian and German food since opening in the 1970s, will close its doors at the end of the month. Apparently, the owner, Hans Gerstl Jr.(photo left), who took over the restaurant from his parents in 2003, has decided to move on following the passing of both his parents in the last few years.

"Even people who come to my restaurant all the way from Germany have told me they can't get this kind of traditional food back home," Gerstl told the Hook in '03, saying he proudly used his mother's recipes.

"Mom was always in the kitchen," said Gerstl, who grew up in an apartment above the restaurant and went on to a culinary career managing restaurants from Florida to Missouri. "It was busy all the time. If someone didn't show up, I would vacuum or host, whatever needed to be done."

Gerstl was not immediately available for comment to confirm, but sources say the space will re-open in August as a family-run Korean restaurant.


too bad he couldn't sell it to someone like the Bavarian Chef in Madison

If history serves us, the progression will be German - Korean - Vietnamese - Kebob.

Nooooo!!!!!!! But I love Ludwig's!!!!!!! Oktoberfest, goulash, schnitzel... I am so sad...

No, please do not close....your place is awesome and I will miss it way tooo much.

one of a kind food - big loss!

i didnt know there was a place like that here in the Ville..... : (
please don't go....

Please don't go. Will be a big loss. Been eating there off and on since your Schnitzlehaus days. Where are you going to move, and what are you going to do that's so much more fun than bringing your family's home cooking to the hometown you grew up in?

PLEASE NOOOOOO I will miss the raspberry brews and the waitresses little outfits!!!!

Just heard the sad news today. While I was living in C'ville, your pub was almost a second home. So sorry to see you go.