Library of Congress recreates Jefferson's

In 1815, hard up for cash after Monticello proved a money pit, Thomas Jefferson sold his beloved library, all 6,487 volumes of it, to Congress for the sum of $24,000 (just under $235,000 in today's currency). Those books would eventually become the Library of Congress, but an 1851 fire destroyed two-thirds of the original Jefferson collection. Now, this weekend, after a decade of scouring the globe, the Library of Congress will unveil the reconstructed Jefferson library.

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Regarding this article saying Thomas Jefferson's sale of his library for $24,000: the author states that this would be
$235,000 in todays currency.

This statement is grossly inaccurate. At a relatively gentle inflation rate of 2% per year the real value would be $1,336,740
in todays currency.

Thank You,

Jim Moore

P.S. My wife and I had the honor to tour Monticello last week. It
was an unforgetable experience. I took over one hundred
photos to show my grandsons (and others,of course).