Lexis lay-offs come true... in Dayton

Nearly 300 Lexis Nexis employees will soon be looking for work, but it appears that despite recent fears, most of Charlottesville's Lexis workers are safe–- at least for now.

The layoffs, announced at a companywide meeting in Lexis' Dayton headquarters yesterday afternoon, are bad news for Lexis' Ohio staff, particularly those in data collection, conversion, editing, and business systems. According to Lexis spokesperson Sue D'Agostino, 215 of approximately 3,000 positions will be cut or outsourced in Dayton over the next 10 months, with another 75 positions being cut from some of the company's other locations– Albany, Colorado Springs, New Providence, Newark, San Francisco, and Charlottesville.

D'Agostino declined to reveal how many jobs Charlottesville Lexis workers should expect to see shipped overseas or where or when those cuts might happen.

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Whatever happens to Lexis, their building sure would would make a nice Criminal Justice Building for the City of Charlottesville. Move the police department, Commonwealth's Attorney office, and General District Court into this one building. Plenty of parking since the building has it's own parking garage.