Enoteca gets liquor license

Despite having no formal kitchen–one of the apparent Virginia ABC requirements for obtaining a liquor license–it appears that enoteca will be serving up the hard stuff. Manager Marisa Catalano (picture far left) tells us that the Downtown wine bar just obtained a full liquor license.

A few weeks ago we wondered how a wine bar with a few panni grills behind the bar could qualify as a full kitchen. After all, ABC regulations require a restaurant to have "adequate facilities and sufficient employees for cooking, preparing and serving such meals for consumption at tables in dining areas on the premises and includes establishments specializing in full course meals with a single substantial entree," and serve no less than $4000 in food each month, "of which at least $2,000 shall be in the form of meals with entrees," to get a mixed beverage license.

However, to the joy of us liquor lovers, enoteca seems to have convinced the ABC that panni and cheese plates amount to a full meal.

"Our menu includes Italian specialties like grappa, limoncello, Sambuca, Campari, Amaretto and Frangelico," reports Catalano. " We've also included some familiar favorites like Johnnie Walker Red and Black Labels."

In addition, there'll be some high-end delights such as the well-traveled Kelt Cognac, a hand-bottled stock of Laird's 12-year-old Apple Brandy, and Kentucky's own Woodford Reserve.

Dang, wine and liquor...who's got my keys?


And the outdoor tables are non-smoking. They got my $2k for the summer.


why would you put an apostrophe in paninis? the s is bad enough.

This is great news!! - I had a delicious Campari and Soda there this afternoon. MmmMmm Perfect for those HOT summer evenings...

[p.s. - FYI Megan Headley (pictured right) is the Manager of 'enoteca']