Law schooled: Aroma's gets dissed

Charlottesville foodies might want to give UVA Law School student Brian Chan, who wrote a feature called Chan's Cooking corner for the Virginia Law Weekly, a piece of their mind. He recently gave Aroma's Cafe, which recently opened a new location in the Barracks Road Shopping Center, a grade of C+, saying the "quaint Moroccan eatery" served food with a generally "lackluster taste" and that the wait staff tries to rush you out the door.

However, for several years now Dish has heard nothing but raves about Aroma's and owner Hassan Kaisoum's special charm. Indeed, Aroma's has held the top spot on Top Ten restaurants list for at least two years now. Most of the 37 comments on the site extol its many virtues. Could it be new location jitters? Has Aroma's gone downhill? Is Mr. Chan off his rocker?

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"Mr. Chan" is completely off his rocker. His last two reviews were ridiculous, as well. He should stop writing them. Aromas is fabulous. And anyone who suggests that we should eat at Five Guys or Panera instead is a moron.