Senior Magazine: Garrett mystery solved?

Four days after publicist to the stars and chicken farmer Tommy Lightfoot Garrett pled guilty to a reduced charge in Buckingham County Courthouse, some questions about his accomplishments remain. For instance, did he actually grace the cover of Senior Magazine, the Arizona edition, as at least one website claims?

Garrett's other professional achievements are easier to document. There's no doubt, for instance, that he appeared on the HGTV reality show Living With Ed– in fact, a rerun of the episode featuring Garrett aired just this morning, and clips of the show are available on YouTube. Several of Garrett's self-published books are for sale on, including his most recent, Cosmic's Adventure: A Science Fiction Novel, released in paperback on March 31. In a product description, taken from the book's foreword, Garrett reveals some of his inspiration for his Cosmic protagonist.

"I think he represents the best in us and some of the battles he's had to wage for good versus evil are major compared to many of the battles we have to wage on a daily basis," he writes. "Even though I've known some very vile and evil people. Including a former employer, a schizophrenic neighbor who needed help and then went crazy when the help had to come to an end, a wannabe producer who could not take no for an answer, and a small town tabloid rat. Treachery is something that you have to see and live to grasp. So it was a blessing to have to deal with awful people in that it gives an artist and author more material to work with."

If his books are easily discovered online, Senior Magazine, the Arizona edition has been far more elusive. Perhaps that's best. The publisher and editor of Senior Magazine-the North Central California Edition says there is no official Arizona edition, and he's not happy that someone could be using the name.

"If there is, they're going to get sued," says Senior Magazine, the North Central California Edition's honcho Ted Richards. "We have trademarked the name. If you find out anything about anybody masquerading under the name Senior Magazine in Phoenix, let me know. I'll put a stop to that right now."

Garrett did not immediately return the Hook's call for comment.



That certainly does look like one of those bogus magazine covers you get mocked up at the County Fair.
I love the list of contents on the cover:
"The Post Office"
"Madison Avenue"
"The Glamour of Hollywood."

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They want 55 % of the retail and 29 dollars per month on top of that.

Rip off.

I went to a speciality site for 20 % per sale. EOS

Ms Stuart, I was beginning to think you are basically a decent person with a much better writing style than your predecessor, Lisa Provence BUT you've proven yourself to be just as much a viper as she.
So you did manage to find the cover of Senior Magazine - Arizona. Good for you. It only took 14 months for one of the Hook's gung-ho reporters to manage it, to try to gloss over the fact that no research was done in the first instance. You do realize the research is supposed to be done BEFORE the story is published don't you? Your friend Mr Ted Richards doesn't seem to realize he has no power over the Arizona magazine. It sounded good though. He was very important sounding. Gave me goosebumps...
The Hook's vicious reporters continue to try to belittle Tommy Garrett and destroy his credibility. You are just mean, MEAN people.

me thinks mr garret destroyed his own credibility. The paper just let the rest of us know about it.

Way to go lil buddy!! You almost done as good as me. 'Cept I got off scott free!!!

First John Holmes, now Mick Jagger. It's a tired routine.
What exactly has destroyed Mr Garrett's credibility? Where exactly is the problem? You're walking down the street and you see him and just think to yourself 'There's Tommy Garrett. I don't like that guy'? WHY? Is it his flamboyant nature? His Can-do attitude? His willingness to make friends and help people as best he can? Do you have a problem with him being black? (He's more coffee colored actually. A lot of people like coffee). Maybe you're put out because he is follicly-challenged. Is it because you overheard third hand gossip at the cafe by the girlfriend of someone or other who hates Tommy one day? Are you just plain jealous that he has managed to make something of his life and follow his dream? Is that it? Do you despise a person who has escaped Smalltown USA and actually followed his dream? So what if it isn't always perfect? At least he made the effort. It is far easier for people to knock his efforts when they haven't walked the path themselves. If Mr Tommy Garrett has ever been rude to you, you can be certain it is in response to something you have done first. That would be expected of any regular person. Mr Garrett takes more crap from people than a regular person should be expected to take and more often than not he lets it slide for the sake of peace. Some people like to see how far they can push him though and I wouldn't blame him if he defends himself any way possible. He deals with it all far better than I ever could.

Mr Garrett's accusers in this saga each have a personal grudge against him. They have ganged up on him and they believe they have won a small victory to discredit him. I would suggest individuals make an effort to get to know Mr Garrett themselves rather than taking any of this tabloid fodder at face value. He would be pleased to make your acquaintance.

Rod... they showed your email! See - can't trust them.

No they didn't. At least 'I' admit when I make an error.


My Friends,

I myself have a copy of that Arizona Magazine. The last time I saw it was in the bathroom on the Straight Talk Express bus.

Thing Is, I can't remember who this fine man is, or what he does.

I did find the article on the post office fascinating, though.


Sue M says:"Mr Garrett's accusers in this saga each have a personal grudge against him."

I say I have rarley met people who had numerous folks with grudges aginst them who did not at least contribute to the accumulation of said grudges.

Does he really have all of the conncetions he proclaims to have? did he really do all of the boy scout things you proclaim?

I'm willing to listen.

I assume that all of the questions The Hook seeks to answer are contained in the Arizona Edition of Senior Magazine. Maybe someone could mail it to the Hook, and the reporter could catch a ride to the post office on a troopship while eating icecream. She could also pick up her book of the month club selection.

Journalism is easy