News flash: Big Jim's last day

The folks at Big Jim's BBQ on Route 29 tell us that, after over 27 years, today is their last day. Big Jim's has been a local institution for years, and a favorite hang out of former Senator George Allen, civil rights attorney John Whitehead, and scores of other BBQ fans. Big Jim's declined to comment on the reason for the restaurant's closure, but they did encourage everyone to swing on over before 7pm and say good-bye.


I'm sure they are lovely people who own the joint, but that Barbecue will not be missed.
Flavorless tomato sauce drenched slop. Yick.

The BBQ used to be good. Back when the place was actually owned by "Big Jim" and his son (both of whom (I think) have passed away. Since ownership passed from their hands the quality steadily declined.

The BBQ wasn't THAT bad, but the Big Jim's Burger Platter was the best cheap meal in town. Especially if you needed a little more cholesterol in your diet. Talk about mountains of fries - Now is not the time to invest in potato futures, as without Big Jim's there's about to be a glut in the market.

I'de like to know what kind of "FANS" liked Big Jim's tub of processed BBQ... Two scoops from the ol' bucket of meat please.

This is not the time to criticize the BBQ. Show a little respect to those who operated and those who enjoyed this place of business. Thank you, Big Jim's, for the good service and great memories that will last a lifetime.

i enjoyed the BBQ!

Yes, Thankyou! No time indeed! Remember all the students, professors, bikers, painters and lawyers, mechanics and engineers, doctors, cashiers and tellers, and scores of other fine folks who have happily passed along the universal sign of approval by cradling their own gut with both hands and expressing themselves with a big old BELCH!! That is the Big Jims I will remember!

It's the end of an era! We oughta express our disappointment at the passing of the half-pound burger covered by the huge pile of fries and next to the cole slaw, all for a really cheap price. I gotta say, 5Guys is good, but dang, 25+ bucks for a coupla burgers?!

Big Jim catered weekend pig roasts, and when he served the leftovers on Monday, it was IMO the best BBQ Charlottesville ever tasted. Before that we had two excellent places, Wilburs on 29 just north of Barracks, and shortly before that, Bob Bencoach's Li'l Pigs on 250 West. A pity Bob died a year or two into that venture, but that's BBQ for ya.

Add me to the list of those who enjoyed the Big Jim Burger Platter with the Moutain O'Fries!
It was a place to eclectically mingle, see old friends make new friends and live a little "dangerously". Getting down teh hall and around teh corner to the beer-soaked bathroom was a "gotta go" journey that was not for the weak of spirit or stomach.
We enjoyed singing "I Ordered Pizza..." loudly over the Patsy Cline lyric of "I Fall to Pieces..." and everyone joined in... except those few diehard Patsy Cline fans with no sense of Big Jim's FUN!

Anybody remember La Vaca BBQ which used to be on Millmont? Now THAT was good Texas style BBQ! Big Jim's was OK back in the day also but just so-so. Try out the new Belmont Pig. That's pretty good stuff too.

no more cheeseburger platters?> Dammit@#$%@#!

Good riddance. What a sty...

We still have Riverside for the burgers and fries.