'Beefy' Brown gets 20 years for role in cop's death

Nearly two years after he was arrested in a Briarwood house, Douglas Michael "Beefy" Brown Jr. received a sentence of 30 years with 10 suspended for his part in the death of a Colonial Heights police officer. Chesterfield County police in high-speed pursuit of Brown, when a cruiser struck the vehicle of the off-duty Colonial Heights officer. Brown had a long rap sheet in this area, the most unusual item of which was a 2003 assault conviction for, among other things, throwing his urine and feces at a correction officer while in custody in at Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail. At the time of the Chesterfield chase, Brown was AWOL from his Albemarle probation officer.


Should have gotten all 30 years to serve!

This cop is lucky she didn't kill somebody. Once you arrive at the thread, click on the video link. The commercial needs to finish before the viceo actually starts. At one point she is all the way over into the parking area on the opposite side of the street she is traveling. And then she denies hitting anything!