Does the Post love us or what?

The Washington Post is at it again–praising the Charlottesville food scene. Just a week after Post writer Roger Piantadosi facetiously claimed that we had more restaurants per capita than France, and called us "insanely committed foodies," Post writer Jane Black writes, "the food here is far better than it should be in a place with about 40,000 year-round residents and 20,000 broke college kids" and called Mas "without a doubt my favorite Charlottesville restaurant." Mas, Bang, Kate Collier of Feast!, Albemarle Baking Company, Ten, and Rev Soup are all included in a nifty slide show.

Black doesn't miss much in this food tour, and her final words are enough to make us blush.

"Across the board, Charlottesville's food scene is inventive, diverse and brimming with talent," Black writes." It's enough to give Monticello a run for its money."


It is odd, isn't it? Surprised the editors would let such similar articles run so close.

The "Twenty thousand broke college kids" quote doesn`t drape Jane Black in a cloak of credibility. Unless credit cards have become obsolete.

The more "restaurants per capita than France" may be true as France boasts many vineyards and other open spaces. Change France to Paris as in city to city and there may be an apt comparison.

"Any publicity is good publicity." Yea Post.

I wonder whats next? Perhaps a trip through our statue orchard which is well populated for a small town. That`s my metaphor mix for the day.

most of these "college" kids are far from broke.. they all have cell phones laptops, designer jeans and lattes...

go back 30 years when they were washing dishes in the dining hall...

Bit of an oversight not mentioning Orzo in the rundown of the places at the Main St. Market.