Reba McEntire and Kelly Clarkson coming to JPJ

Country legend Reba McEntire and pop chartbuster Kelly Clarkson announced yesterday that they will bring their double-billed "2 Worlds 2 Voices" tour to the John Paul Jones Arena on October 30. The show is being advertised not as a double bill, but it seems the two will be performing as a duo with "1 Stage, 1 Band" according to the announcement.

If the pairing of the 55-year-old Country Music Hall-of-Famer with the 26-year-old American Idol seems like an odd one, consider that the combo already has both a country and pop hit under its belt. When the two first teamed up to make a duet out of Clarkson's hit "Because of You" in 2007, the song had a long residence on both the Billboard pop and country charts, and won the Grammy for Best Country Collaboration with Vocal in February.

McEntire first burst onto the scene in 1980, when "(You Lift Me) Up to Heaven" became her first top 10 country hit. She's repeated that feat 55 more times in the intervening years, including 22 #1 singles, propelling her album sales to over 55 million worldwide. In addition to her recording career, she's become an acclaimed actress, wowing Broadway critics as Annie Oakley in Annie Get Your Gun in 2001 and starring in the sitcom Reba, which won her a Golden Globe nomination in 2004 and ended its six-season run last year.

Clarkson has a way to go before catching up to McEntire in sales and acclaim, but at this rate, it won't be long before she catches up. Since winning the first season of American Idol in 2002, Clarkson has sold 18 million copies of her first three albums worldwide, including a whopping 12 million copies of her 2004 release Breakaway. In every year since her debut, she has had at least one single to reach the Billboard top 20, which include songs like "A Moment Like This," "Since U Been Gone," and "Behind These Hazel Eyes." Her fourth album is expected out this fall.

Tickets for the JPJ show go on sale September 20 and will be available through the arena's website or by calling 1-888-JPJ-TIXS.




They Promised The Moon, The Stars, And Heaven Above. And just like Charlie Brown I got a rock.

As a songwriter who's parents were songwriters, like them I write because I love it. It's never been about the money. But when the NUMBER ONE SHOW ON TELEVISION says they're looking for some amateur to write the Next Great American Idol Finale Song. Wow! The first thing that crossed my mind was.....MILLIONS! Millions of people. Millions of cd's. Millions of dollars. Millions. I'm betting I'm not the only one.......of Millions.

It's Time For Some Answers!
This is the second year in a row that American Idol has had a songwriting contest. Since the contest ended last year I've researched the contestants from last year and this year....FYI there were over 25,000 entries last year at $10.00 for each song. 20 songs were then chosen out of the 25,000 for an online vote. The winner's song is then performed on the American Idol Finale. The problem I have is that one of THIS years Top 20 Songwriting Finalist is a Co-writer of LAST years Top 20 Songwriting Winner. Somebody from American Idol has some explaining to do.

If you want proof of fraud.

By the way....Why aren't you reporting this?

who cares? really?

SimonSays, if you are naive enough not to have realized for years that American Idol is fixed from the get-go, they deserve the $10 you and all 25,000 similarly befuddled wanna-be songwriters paid them.

The Hook probably isn't reporting this because, well, most people already realize that it's not a "contest" and those who don't wouldn't believe it anyway. Then again, I guess some people would be shocked - SHOCKED - to learn that one of the top 12 finalists this year had previously had a recording contract with Sony, and they spent over $2 million promoting her CD, which bombed. Isn't it quite the coincidence that she made the top 12? Seriously - Stevie Wonder saw that one coming!

By the way, any chance you would be willing to send ME $10 and your song? I promise to give it a full and fair audition.

Though my first thought after seeing this announcement was "blahhhhh who cares", I don't think they'll be lowering the curtain of failure at JPJ that night...