New facade design for Chaps

It has been nearly a year since Chaps Ice Cream owner Tony LaBua first revealed his facade re-design plans, but it appears he's finally jumped through the necessary Board of Architectural Review hoops. Work is under way on the new facade (pictured left) and LaBua hopes to have it finished by June 1. Of course, the design he showed us last year has changed a bit. There's the same awning and louvered glass doors with a take-out window, but the brick exterior and red color scheme have been nixed in favor of stucco and a more subdued mix of light blue and brown, and the square windows on the second floor will be more traditional.

Chaps doesn't have a real second floor, but Labua says he plans to put neon signs and other "funky" stuff in the windows. This will be the first major redesign of the shop since LaBua opened in 1985.


"Shoppe"?!! What are we, Williamsburg?

it's his place, he can call it what he wants. i promise that when you open your own restaurant, he won't fuss over what you call it.

it's his place, he can call it what he wants

No argument.

It's just an unnessarily dumb affectation of ye-olde Anglo-Americana. Perhaps thats what will draw the punters off the Monticello tourist route. But it strikes inauthentic for ice cream parlor grown on very good Totowa (or wherever thereabouts) roots. Why not be proud of that? Why not capitalize on that strength?

There are people with good memories, there are people with bad memories, and then there's Tony! Ask him about the complete interior redesign he did in 1990 (or thereabouts). Completely gutted the place down to its skeleton, replacing the floor, walls, ceiling, and adding restrooms. It took literally days just to vacuum all of the vermiculite out of the walls.