Barling and Collins

This potty-mouthed duo makes fun of pretty much everything using a guitar and a cello.

Barling and Collins - (That's Right) I'm Looking At Your Girlfriend

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Reds. Atheists. Gopher-gropers. Turn your back on them for one second and they'll snatch your green peppers. Not to be trusted, I tell you - worse than turtles, and they're bad, real bad! Satan speaks through Brandon's cello. Beware songs like "Sid" or "Fuck the Man" - they will not leave your brain! Repent and turn to NPR classical before it's too late! Do not click the vid link!

(click the vid link
click the vid link
click the vid link
click the vid link)

Heh heh - you poor sucker. Now you're doomed. >:-)