Snap o' the day: Pump faster

One week ago, we caught the Citgo on Ivy Road at $3.74 (pictured right). Today, that seems so 20-cents-a-gallon ago.


5.1 more cents and I win $50.

I bet a friend gas would be $4.00 a gallon by August 1, 2008.

The fool took the bet.

It will be $6 by the end of summer...

Who uses gas? I hope it is $10 by the end of summer.

I think if everyone would stop complaining and stop driving a day or two, it would crush the gas business forcing the prices back down. We are allowing them to do this to us!!

"Raise and raise and raise the gas prices and "Let `er flicker" -

Our do-nothing Congress (on vacation during what they term as a national crisis) has sat upon their hands for thirty years or more, refusing to take the action required to relieve our dependence upon oil. Now they squall and blame everybody but themselves.

Of course, we have re-elected them and not held them accountable because they feed us some pork sometimes. Now we go "oint, oint"
all the way to the pumps.

This penchant we have for continuing to reelect politicians who can`t do the job is beyond belief-especially since we have the power of the vote and refuse to use it to throw them out.

quote: "I hope it is $10 by the end of summer."

As sad as it may seem to a lot of people, I agree with you! $10 a gallon will keep all the young reckless kids off the road, those who race up and down the main drag of Seminole Trial in their little fart can cars!

Poor Susan, in for a life of pain with "stop driving a day or two"

Trouble is, this situation is not repairable in a day or two.

I do however tend to agree with her statement "We are allowing them to do this to us!!" Particulary by continuing to consume and not drilling domestic sources. We have large reserves off the coast of Florida and in Alaska not being explored due to NIMBY concerns. Lets start SELLING oil and stop BUYING oil.