Just Curry to take over Mesob space

Just Curry's Alex George just dropped by to tell us that he's signed a lease for a new Corner location– Mesob's space next to the parking garage on Wertland Street. (Of course, the popular Ethiopian restaurant's departure is news as well. George thinks they'll be looking for a more intimate location up 29 North, but we'll follow up on that.) As nearly everyone knows by now, Just Curry, along with Plan 9, Higher Grounds, and the Satellite Ballroom, will all get the boot at the end of the month, as the building's owner has struck a deal with pharmacy chain CVS. For George the timing couldn't be better.

"I'm hoping the Corner store will be closed for no more than 10 to 14 days," says George, who'll be moving from a 700-square-foot space to one with 2000 square feet. In April George opened a downtown location in the Transit Center, which he says he'll keep and which is "doing great."

George says he plans to expand the menu at the new Corner location, keeping his meat dishes but adding more vegetarian options. He says he'll also open up the existing glass front for outdoor seating and ramp up his hours when the students get back, staying open from 11am to after midnight.


So he's only open an hour and a half each day?

I just hope they are open on the weekend.

I went by on saturday and it was closed!