Corner mindset comes to your headset

The strolling public gets its first chance to grab a copy of the latest free Corner 106.1 Music Sampler this Friday outside the Hook office on the Downtown Mall. The third such mix disc from the "different is good" radio station, the CD includes non-mainstream musical stylings by Death Cab for Cutie, The Old 97s, Virginia Coalition, and more.

"These CDs are a pretty cool thing for us to work on, because the playlist on the disc matches the current music on the station pretty well," says Corner station manager Brad Savage. "We are super excited to partner with the Hook as a sponsor."

While the co-sponsoring company, Horse & Buggy Produce, will conduct the first giveaways at its Frank Ix building pick-up point tomorrow, the Hook giveaway takes place between noon and 1pm on May 30 at the corner of Main and Second Street NW across from the Regal Cinema. Several Hook staffers and a Corner deejay will be there, and subsequent giveaways will occur at Corner-sponsored events throughout the summer.

Among other artists on this mix CD is Amos Lee, who Rolling Stone has claimed was rightfully dubbed Norah Jones' male counterpart since they share a record label and are within the "same vein of breezy folk and soul music."

But this album is more than just a chill backdrop to a coffee house. It also features upbeat melodies from artists like The Bravery, whom Spin describes as "bouncy, bass-driven, fashionista New-Yorkers channeling New Order." The Sampler is just that– providing the listener with free tastes from a vast smorgasbord of musical variety. Here's the complete playlist.


So can we only get one between 12pm and 1?

I've been told that there will probably also be copies at tonight's Kings Of Belmont show at R2.