Rogan to close Oakencroft

NBC29 and the Progress are reporting that Felicia Warburg Rogan, the former New Yorker whose 1983 quest for viticulture on Garth Road touched off a multi-million-dollar Albemarle industry, plans to close Oakencroft Vineyard and Winery and sell the premises.


I note as an interesting coincidence that Oakencroft is the featured winery of the month on the website of your chief competitor, C-ville Weekly, which lists a full calendar of events at the vineyard and estate well into December.

Sorry to hear of its apparent demise; the Viognier was always quite tasty.

Addendum: the NBC29 and Progess stories note that the Oakencroft operation will shutter at year's end. Think I'd better skidoo out there and score a case of the Viognier before there is no mo'.

I agree with Cinematic - time to get out there and enjoy the wine and the experience before it is a memory.

I have always been a fan of Oakencroft, mainly because of Felicia Rogan and her very dedicated long term staff. It is a shame that it they are closing but their contribution to the industry will live on and, hopefully, be fully appreciated.

Best wishes to everyone at Oakencroft!

Oaken Croft

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