Cheer up, emo kids

A new study from UVA and England's University of Plymouth may give sad kids a reason to smile–- even if it's only for a little while. These studies show that when attention to detail is needed, children in a happy mood may be less likely to perform well. In contrast, the study authors (who include UVA assistant professor of psychology Vikram Jaswal) found, "Sadness indicates that something is amiss, triggering detail-oriented, analytical processing." Let's hope the slew of A-plusses the sad kids receive don't make them too happy to analyze everything in excruciating detail.



i myself am emo i dont say it very much because i dont want to be called a sence kid u know but lately i feel more sad then i was so sometimes i just run away from my family and or likely my house i just cant stand them i just want to be accapted like i am i dont want to be want they want me to be i mostly write lots of poety of feels that i have inside of me and somtimes when i read it i kind of get emotion it just makes me cry beause i write deep words but offten when i get real mad i just go to my room and into the closet to clam me down somtime i almost killed myself and didnt tell anybody because i keep every thing to myself. so the way i almost killed myself was i was about to cut my vean or even stop my breathing, just get so sad and do crazy things i did try to go to rehad but i sad no but most of time i hang inside my closet because i have every thing that i need and just write dark poety

i do get good gardes but iam not a nerd i am an emo