Father's Day plea for Justine

Father's Day should be a celebration, but for the father of Justine Swartz Abshire, a young woman who died on a winding country road in Orange County in November 2006, the apparent victim of a hit and run, the holiday is a bitter reminder that his daughter's death remains an unsolved crime.

In March, police revealed Justine's massive injuries were not consistent with a hit and run.

"We don't feel she was standing in the road," said Special Agent Mike Jones of Virginia State Police, citing an absence of "strike points," leg injuries that correspond to a car or truck's bumper.

Yesterday, Steven Swartz posted a letter on a memorial website, directly addressing the those responsible for her death.

"To my Daughter's killer(s) and anyone else who may know what happened: you still have a chance to do the right thing and, in doing it, gain some measure of redemption. If you remain silent, then at best, guilt and misery will be your only legacy," he writes. "It will infect you and the lives of those around you for generations to come."

The investigation remains "very active" according to state police, and the $50,000 reward still stands.

"I will not go away, and I will never give up," writes Swartz. "That's my promise to Justine."



i don't know how u feel for real but i will pray for u and urs, really didn't know about the missin in ur family but will pray and hope that who ever did this u will found out and justice will take it to the limit of justice and peace of mind to u and urs god bless Mr Swartz

You write poorly.

You probably kick dogs too. Pinch babies...you get the drill.

Linda: We all appreciate it when someone sincerely wishes us the best. Similarly, I don't want to take away from your wishes of well. However, Richard is correct. Your message is so poorly written it's difficult to understand you. If you really wish these people well would it cost you so much extra time and trouble to say so in a coherent manner they can understand? I'm sure the last thing they'd want to do with their time is parse code.

We sincerely appreciate everyone's concern and comments about the tragic loss of our daugher. Thank you to everyone that keeps Justine in their heart and mind every day.