Teen beauty queen hits the bricks

Where does a Lexington beauty queen go to shop? The Downtown Mall! Yesterday afternoon, Spring Street boutique welcomed Kelsee Grant, who was crowned Miss Virginia Junior Teen at Richmond's Scottish Rite Auditorium nearly two months ago. The 15-year-old (left) stopped by the boutique to pick up a dress for the 2008 Miss Junior Teen United States pageant in Las Vegas July 12-18.

"It just won me over!" Grant says of the white and black Helen Wang frock she chose– despite its $496 price tag. "It's unique, classy, fun. I had to have it, no matter what the cost."

Grant, a rising sophomore at Rockbridge County High School in Lexington, encountered Spring Street at a recent photoshoot for V Magazine for Women. The pageant director asked Spring Street's owner, Cynthia Schroeder, to outfit the recently crowned Miss Virginia, Miss Teen, Miss Junior Teen and Ms Virginia winners for the shoot. As a pageant contestant since she was one year old, Grant admits she "never was the best until one day it all clicked." Grant will wear the dress to the first day of pageant orientation– "There are always roaming judges," she says, "so it's important to look your best at all times."



is this news worthy?

Are you kidding? This story is life changing!

$500 for that? Now that is News Worthy!

What a spoiled lil b-otch. I hate lil princess types. Spring Street huh I seen that same lil outfit at wal mart for only $50!

Do you think Spring Street has any of those left in stock? I simply must have it No matter what the cost! Ill sell my soul f-it!

Dude I bet she gets pregnant by the end of the summer jus like lil Jamie Lynn or whatever britneys sisters name is.

We need more news like this that every resident needs to know. I thought the qoutes were awesome. What pretentious, frivolous, unknowing of what makes life great insight. Must have More like this good job Steph!!!

Hmmm, and I wonder who might be a Hook advertiser...?

Yeah, that's some real news there...

I have never read anything like this. Hence, it is news.

My best to the young lady. I hope she is truly happy and well-adjusted. There are exceptions, but many "pageant girls" are groomed by parents to perform very early in life. The girls are sometimes too focused on "looks" and impressing others. I worry they are thrust into adult type situations too soon. Life is much more than makeup, posing for the camera, and expensive dresses.

Except for Abigail Breslin.