DMB: From Charlottesville to Margaritaville?

Music critics generally aren't known for their soothsaying abilities, but yesterday the Richmond Times-Dispatch's Melissa Rugierri offered this glimpse into the future in her ambivalent review Dave Matthews Band's Saturday set at Nissan Pavilion: "Dave Matthews Band is the Jimmy Buffett of the summer for the under-50 set," pointing out that both have blissfully devoted fans who flock to see them outdoors under any conditions, and that both acts are "live money-making machine[s]." Of course, there are worse financial futures for a musician. According to Rolling Stone, Buffett earns about $44 million annually.


Who will Dump Bowel Movement (DBM) next go after?

Buffett has been playing pretty much the same play list for about 15 years or so (although in recent years he's actually added one or two DMB songs). The parking lot is a blast - one hell of a party! But the shows themselves are pretty unsatisfying.

DMB on the other hand focuses on the music, and they vary their play lists widely.

Anyone who says the two acts are as similar as she claims just isn't paying attention, or knows so little about both acts that this was the best she could do to fill column inches.

Reminds me of the rock critic for the Washington Post many years ago. His name was Richard Harrington, and for some reason it seemed like he kept reviewing concerts put on by bands he just didn't like.