DMB's Moore seriously injured

7:27pm update: The official DMB website says Moore's condition has been upgraded to fair and that you can send an e-card to wish him well.

CHARLOTTESVILLE–- Dave Matthews Band saxophonist LeRoi Moore remains in serious condition at UVA hospital following an all-terrain vehicle accident on his farm outside Charlottesville yesterday, according to a statement on the band's website. He was spending some time at home following the band's Saturday show at Nissan Pavilion near Manassas.

"We cannot release any additional information," says hospital spokeswoman Megan Rowe, "but what's on the website is accurate and up-to-date."

Rowe says "serious" condition is defined as, "vital signs may be unstable, and not within normal limits. Patient is acutely ill."

Calls to the band's management were not returned at the time of this post.

Reached for comment, frequent DMB collaborator and jazz trumpeter John D'earth says he had not yet heard of the accident and said he was too shaken to comment.

Moore is a founding member of Dave Matthews Band, having been recruited from a jazz combo that frequently played downtown bar Miller's, where Matthews was tending bar. Moore was on hand at the band's first show, a 1991 private party at Charlottesville's "pink warehouse" building on South Street. Since then, Moore's saxophone, along with Boyd Tinsley's fiddle, and Matthews' distinctive vocal delivery, have come to define the DMB sound.

Last year, Moore got to step out of his bandmates' shadow in a commercial for Honda trucks, in which he jammed on the deck of a tempest-tossed fishing boat, meant to exemplify Honda's slogan "Rough meets smooth."

The band says they will continue on their tour in Moore's absence. Jeff Coffin, saxophonist with frequent DMB openers Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, will fill in for Moore, beginning with tonight's show in Charlotte.



get better leroi!!!!!!

I was at the show in VA over the weekend and the band was great!

my prayers are with him and his family, at this time. get well soon, dear friend.


man, that sucks. my thoughts and prayers are with Leroi.

it seems like the band could at least cancel/postpone a couple of shows until the worst has blown over???

Wishing you a speedy recovery from everyone at Paladin. Keep those LeRoi sounds coming!

i concur with you evan.... why hasnt tonight's show been canceled or postpone?


The band is still very close to Leroi with them being in NC tonight. Trust me Roi is in their thoughts and prayers. It seems he is still in serious condition.

I am about 5 min frm UVA and I wish lerioe the best of luck I went to the show as well.

My thoughts and Prayers are with Leroi and his family.

Get well soon!

My thoughts at first were similar to some of you on here - why weren't shows canceled, or even the entire tour? That seems to be a logical move in this type of situation. However, it makes me optimistic, as even though he's listed in serious condition by the hospital, perhaps the fact that the band has not postponed/canceled any shows means that they know more than we do, and that Leroi is doing OK. I don't know, but I'm hoping this is the case. Should be interesting to hear how tonight's show goes and whether any mention of it is made.

Condition upgraded to fair according to

that's great news!!!

LeRoi, no more ATV's! We love you too much.

LeRoi, wishing you a speedy recovery!!

I was just at the show in Atlanta, where they did a video postcard for Leroi during the middle of the show. It was a great guesture and i don't think that the love that the band has for him should be questioned, i'm sure a more drastic move would be made if he wasn't expected to return at some point.

Hello LeRoi, I am thrilled to hear that you are doing better. Wishing you a rapid recovery with much love!