Frischkorn drops to 57th in Tour de France

After yesterday's push to the front of the Tour de France in which he leapfrogged 119 riders to third place in the overall standings, Charlottesville native William Frischkorn will once again have to bide his time in the middle of the pack. Today's time trial in Cholet dropped Frischkorn all the way back to 57th place after he finished the 29km course 141st out of 178 cyclists. He is now 3 minutes and 51 seconds off the lead pace of Germany's Stefan Schumacher. Still, Frischkorn has plenty of time to make up that lost ground. There are still 17 stages and 2,901km to go.

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It's totally normal for rankings to yo-yo radically after a time trial. Very few cyclists (i.e., Lance Armstrong) are competitive in both endurance and sprints.