Tour de Frischkorn: STAB alum falls to 149th

The Tour de France is nearly halfway over and if Charlottesville native and St. Anne's-Belfield alum William Frischkorn hopes to make a serious run for the yellow jersey, he'd better start making up some serious ground. After Monday's stage, the 10th of 21, Frischkorn is in 149th place out of 169 cyclists– one hour, 41 minutes, and 53 seconds off Australian Cadel Evans' lead pace. Frischkorn had been in third place after nearly winning the third stage from Saint Malo to Nantes.


I'll bet he's having quite a time riding through the French countryside, being applauded consistently by the locals. Gotta be better than dodging cars on Earlysville Rd!

"serious run for the yellow jersey"? He'll need all the help he can get just to make it to Paris. Go Will!

The Tour de France is the toughest, most respected bicycling race in the world - hands down. Rather than print a story about how far back in the pack Will is you might want to do some research about the team aspects of bike racing and applaud his efforts in supporting another american, Christian Vande Velde, in his efforts to stand on the podium in paris. Christian currently sits 3rd. On a cycling team there is a lead rider and his support crew that protect the leaders position, execute various strategies to tire the other top competitors and neutralize attacks by rivals. I suppose it is naive of me to think the HOOK would break from their status quo of poor journalism and very little research and stick to the sensational headline - kind of like a tabloid.

If Will tried to make a run for the yellow jersey, he'd be in hot water -- it's not his job. He's riding to support Vande Velde, his team leader. Will is one of only a select group to even make it to the Tour. Tino's right -- your headline is ignorant. How about this one: "Frischkorn Crucial to Yellow Jersey Assault". or "HOOK Shown Clueless"