Local Starbucks shops safe from the axe

Yesterday Starbucks released the full list of the 600 shops it will close, and none are in Charlottesville. The five Virginia stores shutting down are all in Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads.


It's a shame when a big business like Starbucks is closing doors to its stores. A clear reflection of further unrest in the US Economy!

Starbucks overextended themselves. There are locations in large cities where there is literally a Starbucks on all four corners of intersections. That was done for ego, not to satisfy any sort of common-sense business need. Pride comes before the fall, as they say.

Starbucks's coffee sucks. Could be a clear indication that people are finally catching on and buying coffee from shops that do it better.

I don't really care for burnt coffee so starbucks never had much appeal for me.