Muddy tracks: RICO plaintiff alleges vandalism

A Greene County man suing his homeowners association under the Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act says his property was vandalized on the eve of his June 23 court date. Police contend the damage was accidental, caused by volunteer firefighters who got stuck on Douglas Dye's Dogwood Valley property.

Dye (left) was returning home around 8pm June 14 when he met two Greene County trucks going around a blind curve "excessively fast," he says. "I had a bad feeling. It puzzled me." When he got to his gate, "I saw mud coming out onto the county road."

He found the land around his pond rutted and gouged. An emergency spill pipe coming from the dam had been run over and damaged, causing seepage and, he says, threatening the dam.

Dye acknowledges that Stanardsville volunteer firefighters did have a legitimate reason to be on his property. Using state and federal grants, he'd had two "dry" fire hydrants– hydrants that could fill up a pumper truck from his ponds– installed February 15, and the local fire department was supposed to come in and test the hydrants.

But Dye doesn't believe this was a legitimate visit because the trucks he saw were not fire trucks that would be pumping water in a real emergency, and the fire department had a map of his property showing the location of the hydrants and the service roads leading to them.

"If they'd been there for legitimate reasons, they'd have the right equipment and they'd have the map and they'd know where the hydrants are," Dye says. "I think it's willful because there's no reason to be off the service road."

Dye says his fellow plaintiffs in the RICO suit against the Dogwood Valley Citizens Association have been threatened. A mule and three dogs belonging to fellow litigant Mitch Miller were poisoned "under mysterious circumstances," says Dye. "This is the first time for me."

Greene Sheriff Scott Haas and Fire Chief Mike Dickerson say the damage was accidental when volunteer firefighters went to test the hydrants, and not intimidation relating to the pending civil suit in federal court.

"No, no, no," says Haas. "You're going to find it's an accident. It's not a conspiracy."

Some Dogwood Valley residents also complain that the Greene Sheriff's Office no longer investigates the many calls it gets from the contentious neighborhood. "We're not getting– as usual– a good-faith police investigation," says Dye. "You can quote me on that."

"It's a lie," says Haas, "When we get a report, we have to investigate." He does caution: "Take everything there with a grain of salt."

Fire Chief Dickerson maintains that the volunteers took a wrong turn when they went to test the hydrants, got stuck in the wet ground, and called another truck to come pull them out. "I told the officer investigating to have Mr. Dye call me," says Dickerson. "If he'd already called me, I'd have it fixed already."

The firefighters didn't take a fire truck up to Dye's property because they were testing the fittings on the hydrants first, says Dickerson, who was not aware of the test until Dye called the police. "We're volunteers," explains Dickerson. "It doesn't have to be approved by me."

The chief declines to say who the volunteers were.

Dye doesn't believe the damage was accidental, and now he's worried the harm to the spill pipe could threaten his dam and the 2.5 million gallons of water it holds.

He had the hydrants put installed on his property as a public service to his neighbors in the event of a wildfire, he says. But if the integrity of the dam is destroyed, if there ever is a fire, the dry hydrants will do no good at a dry pond.


There is going to be a lot more to this story as time goes on.

But several things have to be looked at:

What was the county vehicle doing 4 wheeling through the dithes that carry the water from the spill pipe. I personally put that road in and it is 12 feet wide, there was no excuse for missing it!

My brother and I went to the fire department and talked with Assistant Chief Tooley and he stated that there were no authorized visits to the Dye location on the day in question.

My brother and I meet with Mr. Dye and Deputy Powers at the site, it was apparent from the tracks left that the first vehicle made a deliberate run into the ditch and across the spill pipe. Deputy powers already knew who the vandal was before he came out to the site as his investigation involved nothing more than trying to mitigate the situation so the identity of the vandals were not reveled.

Sheriff Haas and Commonwealth's attorney Morris are up to their eyeballs in attempts to cover up crimes against the RICO Plaintiffs and their witnesses and to date they have done a pretty good job of it.

But how long can they continue to cover it up? How long can they continue their policy of harrassment of certain people they have labeled "Dogwood Valley difficulties"?

Personally I have had 5 video taped trespassing and desruction of property incidents on one piece of property I own in Dogwood Valley and all of them have been reported to the Sheriff's office. Of those incidents only one police officer investigating one incident identified the trespasser/vandals and charges were only brought against 5 of the 7.
In another incident the Deputy investigating it didn't even bother to look at the video or talk to two possible witnesses that had been identified for him.

Yes Sheriff Haas is at the very least holding back on investigating any of these charges.

Perhaps this is a case of intimidation designed to yield monetary gain in the future after the owner has been scared away?

Be careful I think I hear libel going on. It must be a conspiracy. The fire department said they did it. Oh my god someone call they F.B.I. So many neighbors complain that law enforcement refuses to investigate complaints. Yet the only person you ever see complaining is Mr. Dye, and Mr. Miller. How many people live in dogwood valley. I don't think Mr. Miller or Mr. Dye make up over 50% of dogwood valley's population. Judge moon recently gave you three weeks to come up with proof of RICO violations. I think you guys are trying to come up with a way to save your sinking case.

I have to agree with Armchair Quarterback. There is no crooked law enforcement anywhere in this country. Cops don't lie. Cops have never lied. Cops don't steal. Cops don't murder, rape and rob. Cops don't cover for one another. The only conspiracy in this world is reporting all these bad cops on a daily basis. The nerve of that web site!

But anyhow, on a side note, I wonder if Assistant Chief Tooley at the fire department is related to Deputy Jason Tooley at the sheriff's office?

Deputy tooley is not a deputy anymore. Do you have any information on anything that is not extremely out of date. I never said cops don't lie, cheat, steal, rape, or murder. I just said don't pay attention to everyhting you see on I stated that for the main reason that they report if an officer was charged with something. But they don't report anything if the officer is found not guilty. That in itself shows an extreme amount of bias. SOLR, beings that you are a disgraced cop listed on I'm suprised you would keep mentioning the website. After I showed you how factually wrong you were in the the game warden shooting case and made you look like a fool who didn't know how to do research. I'm suprised that you would attack me unprovoked again. You must be a glutton for punishment. I await your witty retorte sir.

I have no problem mentioning . It should be required daily reading for every person with Internet access. No followup is needed when a sworn police officer is arrestd for soliciting a juvenile on the Internet for sex. The most recent of hundreds being:

Colorado State Police Trooper Justin Tolman Arrested, Jailed, Suspended, And Charged After Seeking Sex With A 14 Year Old Girl - Dumbass Told Her He Was A Cop, Sent Photos Of Himself In Uniform With Patrol Car, As Well As Pornography

And that relates to this rico case how? You're just anti police. You've always been anti police. No one is suprised by the things you write. I know you're trying to remain relevent but your not. Not all police officers are angels. Not all police officers are the devil either. You shouldn't generalize all police officers because you read a article about a few. On top of that you don't even know how the case ends. I'm just trying to help keep you from making an ass out of youself. Then again some people are beyond help.

You're the one who brought up the question as to whether people are honest and trustworthy or not with your sarcastic remarks about a "conspiracy". And you were clearly speaking of the sheriff's office, coverups, and the fire department when you mentioned libel taking place. So it is very relevant to mention the numerous daily arrests of cops nationwide, as in they are not always honest and trustworthy. And after mentioning these numerous daily arrests, it is also relevant to produce proof of my claim -- as in go read .

I do agree with you on the libel issue though. I think Dye and Miller are intelligent enough not to make claims against people unless they can prove their claims. As far as not conducting good faith investigations, this won't be a first for the sheriff's office. They were told by one of their own deputies that strange things were going on with Tsouroutis years before an investigaion was actually initiated resulting in his arrest.

Mr. Dye might be intelligent enough. I've only met the man once. All the plantiffs in this rico could be the greatest people in the world. I have met the Millers numerous times. Personally I wouldn't believe a word they told me. As for Tsouroutis, what do ya want, he's a disgrace. He also hasn't been a officer for the sheriffs office in about 9 years so please try to stay current in your arguements. So it isn't libel if you accuse someone of being corrupt and you can't prove or back up your statments with facts. Maybe it's not libel if you say it about a police officer because they aren't really human anyway. Well until your crying your eyes out waiting for them to come save your butt. 10 minutes after they save you they are garbage again. I'm offically changing my name to Sick of people who rely biased websites to prove their arguements for them. A little independent thought would be greatly appreciated here.

Are you having trouble keeping up here? I simply used Tsouroutis as an example of the sheriff's office not initiating an investigation, for whatever reqasons, when they perhaps should have. I never said anything about when he left employment anywhere, or where he's employed now. I think anybody with an IQ over 56 realizes he is no longer employed in Greene County.

Crying my eyes out waiting for the police to come save my butt? You are kidding, right? In a real life or death situation the police are useless because the event is over so quickly. They simply respond and clean up the mess. A good example is the young kid killed in Charlottesville the other night. And as I am sure you are aware, the courts have ruled that the police have no obligation to protect you. LAPD should be required to remove "To Protect and Serve" from the sides of their cars.

And yes, it is libel if you accuse someone of being corrupt and you can't prove or back up your statments with facts. I have proven this myself several times in courts of law recently. But I'm sure you know this already too.

Calm down! It sounds like i'm getting under your skin. You responded so fast you should change your name to property of armchair. LOL!

If you want my personal opinion as to exactly who is getting upset, I think my last paragraph chafed your butt. Cause you know it's true.

But anyhow, let's look at this thing a little closer. You said I responded to you in 49 minutes (12:10 to 12:59). Yet if you look above that, you responded to me in 70 miutes (12:20 - 1:30). Is there really that much difference? Talk about sticking your foot in your mouth, Speedy Armchair. :)

Sounds to me like Armchair is either one of the RICO defendants or closely related to one of them. If not perhaps he is one of the police officers covering up crime in Dogwood Valley!

I went to the local news and started to read about the Dogwood artical and went on reading the comments and then it hit me.... "Why don't these kids just set down and have a good chat?"

Let the law do what it can and then.... help the law enforcements don't keep bashing what they 'don't' do... try to help and stop throwing trash towards them.

They are only as good as the people of the county allows them to be, with so much crim... and they have to put up with this as well??
Come on lets help not hinder.

Since apparently Armchair knows my family and we are all liars perhaps i should approach this issue a different way.

With logic! That is an interesting concept!

1. Assistant Chief Tooley stated the day after the incident "that there was no record of an authorized visit by the fire department on the day in question", and he wasn't and he had no reason to lie! and I certainly believe him.

2. Chief Dickerson says in this article that the Stanardsville Fire department is a volunteer organization and he doesn't know what anybody is doing, and they don't have to tell him. I find it hard to believe that any volunteer fireman can just take it upon himself to legitimately conduct fire department business without the knowledge of someone above him in the chain of command.

3. The Hydrants on the Dye ponds are a contractual (for those who are unable to comprehend the meaning of this word it means that a contract was signed) agreement between the Federal Government and the Stanardsville Fire department, in that contract it says that the Stanardsville Fire department will test these hydrants the day of installation. They were installed in Feburary 08, of course Chief Dickerson wasn't aware of any of this. No wait a minute he is the one who signed the contract!

4. If the person mud bogging on Mr. Dyes place was there to inspect the hydrants hardware where is his report? Why didn't he stay and inspect them? Why did he run? Why did he drive anywhere but on the "Graveled Roads" on Mr. Dyes Property?

5. If as Sheriff Haas and Chief Dickerson say "it was an accident" then why cover up the identity of the drivers of the two vehicles? If it was an accident where is the note the person left on Mr. Dye's door explaining the situation. If it was an accident why not stay on site and talk to Mr. Dye?

6. When does anybody working for a county agency doing an inspection go out without contacting the owner of the property he is visiting after work hours, in fact when does anyone doing such an inspection go out after work hours?

Logically it doesn't compute!

As far as Libel goes there are right now about 10,000 pieces of paper that show the Greene county Sheriff and Commonwealth attorney have and are resisting investigating and prosecuting crimes. In Fact the Commonwealth Attorney even went so far as to put his resistance to prosecute policy in writing. Sheriff Haas put into writing on GCSD letterhead that he would sue one taxpayer if he continued to report crimes to him! I have copies of both these letters.

Then charge them if you have so much evidence, Steve. Take your accusations to the State Police, Attorney General, Govenor. Maybe these 10,000 pieces of paper you have don't show any crime. Maybe that is just an empty threat on your part. Also I nor any member of my family is associated with your homeowners association or lives in dogwood valley. I know Scott Haas. I'm not very happy with Sheriff Haas either. I've been extremely vocal of my displeasure with him as sheriff. It doesn't mean he did anything wrong this time. All I'm saying is if you accuse somebody of something be able to back it up with facts. Calm down Steve. It will be ok the Judge will make a ruling in your brothers rico case anytime now. Hopefully that will end a lot of your anger and pain. Shirley, I agree with you whole heartedly.

Speedy Armchair, why have you not been happy with Scott Haas? Before you answer, I will say that I think Willie Morris was three times the sheriff Scott is. So this is not a trick question coming from somebody who adores Haas.

I know both of them. They are two different people but they are also the same in their own way. They both enjoy getting the attention and being in charge that comes from being sheriff. If Sheriff Morris had a problem with you, you'd know it. He is a very in your face kind of person. Not that, that is a bad thing. Probably not the best thing if you are an elected official. Sheriff Haas is the exact opposite. He is more of a political animal. He'd smile in your face, then curse your name the second you left. I won't go into details but have some issues with both men. I'm not sure one is worse or better than the other. The way I see it they are both the same kind of creature. They just have different ways of reaching their objective. I guess I just see things in the right or wrong. Not the is this is a smart move politically view point. My problems with that person are to numerous to cover them all.

From just butting in on this sight and having lived in a subdivision with a Home Owners Assoc. I can say first hand it is hard to get every one together to make a rule, make them stick but when you stab and punch the law in your town, county, or keep this up where do you think you will end up?
Being the one they call... the problem and then things are not takeing to where it needs to be.
You get the name of the yeller that calls with every stink.... but with the fact you claim NO ONE called, sent a letter or made a call that the county or fire dept. is going to come check out anything... then YES some where some one needs to take the right step and say who done what!
I personally can not see a volenteer taking it upon him or her self to just go out and do any checking as that is plain bad for the fire dept. or county if no one can conduct or allow the help to go out with out notifing the one in charge....any better than that maybe they should have better guide lines for letting help with in the dept.
But like with any one is going to like every one and get along but when things can be settled and get on with other items... why not work with not against.
The Greene Sheriff's Office can only do some much and we need to stand back and not try to knock down ... try seeing the other side and try to reason?
Show the paper work and see who and why they were in Dogwood... make them show and tell....... then deal with the ones that are guilty... not every one in the county!

A vol. Fire dept. isn't going to have much of a paper trail if any at all. This is just a small issue being blown way out of proportion.

This sounds like a bunch of Greene reds taking advantage of their access to mud.

quote: "He is more of a political animal. He'd smile in your face, then curse your name the second you left."

Well now Speedy Armchair, we certainly agree on this. He made the top of my list when he ran his mouth off during a critical incident one evening back when he was 2nd in command wihin the department. He had no business joking around and running his mouth off during this critical incident. He basically placed two cops from another department in a real big deep pile of dog duty. In my opinion, it was pretty obvious that his joking around was based on his personal preferences in the matter, and not at all based on fact or truth. Sheriff Morris on the other hand acted nothing but professional. honest and trustworthy throughout the entire incident.

One thing I have always been concerned about with Blogs, people who respond under aliases, it just leaves no other choice than to think they have something to hide. So for the most part those who have something to say and want it to be heard should at least have enough honesty and belief in themselves to put their real names along with their post.

We have to take what is said in the article at face value, Cheif Dickerson is quoted as saying: "Fire Chief Dickerson maintains that the volunteers took a wrong turn when they went to test the hydrants, got stuck in the wet ground, and called another truck to come pull them out. ¢Ã¢â??¬Ã?â??I told the officer investigating to have Mr. Dye call me,¢Ã¢â??¬ says Dickerson."

Why would Chief Dickerson need to wait for Mr. Dye to call him, when he already knows that an "accident" happened, He already knows that damage was done in this "accident". So why would he as a professional wait for Mr. Dye to contact him? Wouldn't it have shown a lot more "good Faith" on Chief Dickerson's part for the chief to have contacted Mr. Dye?

Scott Haas is right though anything that is said by the leadership of any county body should be taken with a grain of salt!


I happen to work for Mr. Miller providing surveillance services for him and his family to watch over their persons and properties in Dogwood Valley. I conduct video surveillance on all of the lots owned by the Miller family. The headquarters for this operation is housed in a vehicle parked on one of the lots.

I have to say that some of the behaviors that the camera system has recorded, some of which I have personally seen with my own eyes as it was recorded, are beyond shocking, and downright infantile, up to and including vandalism, dumping of debris, trespassing, and peeping, among other things, such as setting fires, and removing property line surveying markers.

DVCA is currently in a desperate attempt at litigation to force Mr. Miller to have the vehicle housing the heart of the surveillance system removed from the lot. Apparently, they are camera shy, and after seeing the behaviors exhibited by them and those acting on their behalf, I can see why. One female board member has admitted to peeping in the vehicle, under sworn testimony on record in this matter, with the belief that someone was living the vehicle. I'm puzzled by this. Most ladies do not consider me particularly attractive ¢Ã¢â??‰â?¬Å? did she want to see my underwear?

Mr. Miller, (and myself) have been the target of several falsely filed complaints surrounding the vehicle. The vehicle itself has been vandalized twice since its arrival on the lot, one incident of which occurred the same day it arrived, also involving my main mode of transportation. This incident to date has not been resolved. The Sheriff's office took an unprecedented 92 minutes to respond to this call. At 85 minutes, I gave up and called the Virginia State Police, and 7 minutes to the tick from the time I hung up with the State Police, a Greene Sheriff's Department cruiser entered the property to investigate. Interesting that it takes 7-8 minutes to reach the property in question from the Sheriff's Office at legal speeds. The prosecution of the individual I witnessed commit the vandalism was an extreme runaround, lending credence to the ¢Ã¢â??¬Ã?â??resistance to prosecute¢Ã¢â??¬ policy I have seen documented on Commonwealth Attorney's letterhead, addressed to Mr. Miller's brother. I have documentation of this runaround. There were several court dates of which I, THE ONLY EYEWITNESS, was never notified of! The Commonwealth's Attorney, Ronald Morris, has not responded to my many letters inquiring about this. Interestingly enough, the man was originally represented by an attorney from the firm of DVCA's registered agent.

The Health Department received a complaint by a former board member in December of 2006, claiming that I was living in the vehicle, and further stating that health issues existed as a result.

The Health Department investigated this complaint in short order, and naturally, found no evidence to support the claims. A copy of the results of this investigation and subsequent findings have been posted on the vehicle since January of 2007.

It does not end there. Mr. Miller's brother was attacked by one of the board's minions in January 2007, on the SAME DATE THE POSTING WAS MADE ON THE VEHICLE! His aggressor then proceeded to have him falsely charged with assault. As a result, I had to temporarily shut my primary business down, suffering a substantial income loss in order to provide a 24-hour alibi for Mr. Miller's brother, to insure that no other false charges were brought against him.

It does not end there. During an extended (overnight) power failure, an old piece of furniture was discarded on the property sometime during the night. A vehicle was recorded on video that night, with lights being turned on suddenly halfway through the property, indicating they had driven in without lights to avoid detection. I have video footage of many occurrences of this behavior.

It does not end there. Beginning in September 2007, (corresponding approximately with some of the court dates involved) a group of several teenagers began trespassing on the property, a recorded total of 37 separate incidents. They made several attempts to provoke me into confronting them, and Mr. Miller believes they were sent to attempt to have me arrested on trumped up charges (Mr. Miller has been arrested several times for trespassing-- ON HIS OWN PROPERTY!). In February 2008, they finally got brave enough to attempt to disable the surveillance system by disrupting power (battery backup power is beautiful) and then vandalized the vehicle itself with graffiti drawn and written with permanent magic marker, finally turning their attention to the one camera on the property that was not plugged in to the battery backup system, destroying it. One of these youths was of legal age, and was charged, convicted and sentenced to two years probation.

It does not end there. Mr. Miller placed several antique porcelain fixtures on the property that he intended to use as flower pots. In May 2008, (again corresponding with a court date of action against the Millers) a group of several men entered the property armed with axes, shovels, and a firearm. Video shows them approaching the vehicle with the obvious intent of vandalizing it (yet again), then walking away when one man in the group pointed out a camera aimed directly at them. They returned later, coming up the edge of the property in an attempt to avoid detection by the camera system. The joke was on them. I have every inch of the property covered, and the system recorded every inch of their approach to the fixtures, and the subsequent vandalism. Two possible witnesses that reside on the same roadway have been identified to the Sheriff's Office, and to date, the video system has no footage of the Sheriff's Office passing through the roadway (the only means of interviewing the witnesses). This incident is still under investigation. Mr. Miller has the patience of a saint, in my opinion, as it has now been nearly 3 months, with no attempt at movement in the investigation.

There are currently three open complaints with the county zoning office pertaining to the vehicle itself. No movement has been made other than an impromptu visit to the property by the zoning officer.

The trespassing continues, with one vehicle entering the property just last night. I must presume, IT DOES NOT END THERE.

your right you have no vested interest what so ever. LOL! You guys kill me. Mr. Collier I thought you drove a taxi? I didn't realize your a survielance expert too. How do you find the time? Either way you said so yourself the person that could be identified was charged and convicted. I still don't see what this has to do with the Sheriff's office or The Vol. Fire Dept. on Mr. Dye's property. Guess you didn't have that one covered. Maybe another trip to radio shack will take care of that for you.

quote: "Mr. Miller has been arrested several times for trespassing¢Ã¢â??‰â?¬Å? ON HIS OWN PROPERTY!"

Do you mind explaining how?

Speedy Armchair, you're getting real sloppy with your grammar and spelling. Please calm down.

quote: " I didn't realize your a survielance expert too."

Should be.... "I didn't realize YOU'RE a SURVEILLANCE expert too."

Can't be the best at everything all the time. I appreciate the help thanks.

Property of armchair,
I wouldn't ask them to many questions. They have 10,000 pieces of paper with evidence to support their rico case. They have less than 5 weeks to go through them all and find some evidence of a crime. Good luck guys!

Wow. Give me a minute to put my toolkit away, I thought might actually need it to take your reply apart.

First and foremost, armchair quarterbacks, there are a great many things that no one knows about me, primarily because I don't see where EVERYTHING about ME is EVERYBODY'S business.

As to your snide remark about no vested interest, am I listed as a plaintiff in the RICO case? I didn't think so. The case has nothing to do with me on any level whatsoever. Come to think of it, none of it really has anything to do with me. am simply doing a job I've been asked to do. Apparently, YOU have more knowledge of the RICO case than even some of the plaintiffs, so with that in mind..... it appears that you yourself, may have a vested interest in the outcome.

As to my main line of work, I think anyone in the working class knows these days that in order to make an honest living, sometimes it means having two jobs, especially if you are working toward something other than just paying the bills. And yes, the adult that could be identified has been charged and convicted. How does that prove you right in any way?

What about the vandalism to the surveillance vehicle the first day it arrived on the property? The Sheriff's Office took 92 minutes (which can be proven by telephone records) to arrive to investigate. Again, small wonder that after a call to the Virginia State Police, a deputy finally arrived in the average amount of time elapsed that it takes to reach the property in question.

And there are other incidents that have occurred on Mr. Miller's property which have seemingly been dismissed by the Sheriff's Office, and the Commonwealth's Attorney, and that has everything to do with the Sheriff's Office, as well as the Commonwealth's Attorney, who still has not responded to my letters asking why I was never notified of several court dates in the matter of the individual who vandalized the surveillance truck and my car. It is quite obvious that someone, somewhere, has something to hide. Anyone who knows anything about the police knows that there is an organization called the Fraternal Order of Police. Last I checked, fraternal means "brotherhood". Don't brothers usually look out for each other? And does anyone here really believe that the police and fire/rescue are completely independent of each other? Come on, these folks sometimes clean up the same messes side by side! Of course they are going to cover for each other!

Unlike you, armchair quarterbacks (which by the way is an oxymoron, but I would say it suits a moron with the intelligence of an ox), I am not afraid to identify myself, primarily because I know what I am talking about, and I am telling the truth. Unlike you, I don't have to hide behind an alias. Unlike you, I don't give the impression of having something to hide.

Radio Shack? Is that where you buy your electronics? Perhaps that typo wasn't your fault after all. Faulty keyboard from Radio Shack, perhaps? Wow, and I thought Mr. Miller was a cheapskate! At least HE orders the surveillance equipment from a REAL surveillance shop!

In the famous words of Richard Pryor, armchair, Have A Coke And A Smile And Shut The %#@% Up.

James, normal protocol used to be this -- if you called the state police, they would in turn call the sheriff's office and request a Greene County deputy respond. Especially if the trooper working the county is tied up on something else or is in Charlottesville getting fuel. (Yes, troopers used to drive to Charlottesville to get fuel at the state police pumps, I assume they still do) Combined with the fact it's not generally a trooper's main responsibility to respond to vandalism calls, trespass, theft, and other petty calls. On the other side of this coin though, if a motor vehicle wreck is reported to the sheriff's office, the sheriff's office used to call the state police and request that a trooper respond. Armed with this knowledge of the way things used to be, and may still be..... sounds like you called the sheriff's office, received no response, then called the state police who in turn called the sheriff's office, and then the sheriff's office sent a deputy out finally. But of course I am merely guessing at all of this at this time. I have never known it to take 92 minutes for a deputy in Greene County to respond to anything. It is rather strange.

Who drives your taxi while your on the internet? Who runs steve's D.J. equipment while he does the same? I don't know how either one of you has time to testify in anything. There you go again talking about a cover up that you can't even prove. Don't call the police! Hell you guys need to call Scully and Mulder. You guys need the FBI X-files people to investigate. LOL!

I have to wonder if Armchair really knows anything about any of this story or related stories he has bothered to post on. And is more than confused on what happened in that trial.Or if he is a defendant in that RICO case and is simply trying to bend whatever small amount of public opinion he can garner to his side. I wonder after reading the comments posted by Armchair if perhaps he isn't the (in my opinion as stated in many Circuit Court cases, incompetent) Attorney that DVCA Board of Directors has used. The circuitous style certainly reminds me of that attorney's idiotic ramblings that really say nothing but use up a lot of air!

Armchair comments without knowledge as to what the situation of the RICO case is and what Judge Moon said about the case. I happen to have the transcripts of the full trial in front of me as I am sitting here.

Judge Moon said to the Plaintiff's attorney "you have two of the five give me the other three, show me what their involvement in these crimes were". The RICO plaintiffs think this has now been done, but it is all still up to the Judge in this matter.

As to taking crimes and lack of action by the Police and Commonwealth attorney to outside agencies it has already been done. Apparently Armchair you are not only a little ignorant about the RICO case you are ignorant about what the Governor and the state attorney general have the power to do as well. These actions have been taken to the appropriate persons in the U.S. Attorney's office in Charlottesville Virginia.

For sick of Rambo,

The DVCA put up a gate blocking me from my property, when the gate lock was or was not damaged I was charged with destruction of property.

DVCA had three trespass notices placed on me stating that I could only use DVCA roads to go to and from my residence, since I did not reside in Dogwood Valley I was arrested for trespass when I was on the road to property I owned. None of these charges stood up in court but they were made and the police did arrest me. There have been several time when I was run off of my actual property at gun point by Board members or former Board members of DVCA with no response to my complaints. My 80 year old mother and myself were driving down a Dogwood valley road and had a weapon fired directly over the top of her vehicle, we went to the sheriff's office to report this and while making the report the police officer told us there was a big fight at sheetz and he had to go and watch it, no follow up of the shooting incident was ever done! On the other hand just last week I reported another trespass on my property with video to back it up and the police officer asked "what was the intent of the trespasser, without knowing his intent we can't take your report". When my brothers dogs were poisoned the police told him unless he could identify the person who poisoned them there was nothing they could do. They never took finger prints of the windowsill where the screen was pushed in.

There is a long line of documented incidents where the Sheriff's office has done this same type of cover up or lack of investigation.

Of course none of this is relative to the case at hand which is the lack of investigation and or the cover up of vandalism, or is it? Mr. Dye has long ago been labeled a Dogwood Valley difficulty!

By the way my email address is if you are interested in looking at the details of the information contact me and I will make sure you know exactly where to look!


Are you saying that a corrupt police department is better than an honest one?

How do you make changes without letting others know what is going on. Why would you just let something you thought was corrupt continue?

How do you "work" with a Homeowners Ass. when if you ask questions you are told to shut up? How do you work with a Homeowners Ass. who hasn't held an annual meeting in over three years?

How does anyone make changes to a corrupt system if they don't stand up and attempt to make those changes happen? How can they get the word out to other citizens without "making a stink"?

Would you be aware of any of this if it wasn't being acted upon by the victims?

I am confused by your response to this situation.

I use to be a resident of Dogwood Valley, so glad I'm not anymore. Just wanted to state the fact. Not on here to call names or tell lies or anything else of that matter, just wanted to say I"M SO GLAD I DON'T LIVE IN DOGWOOD VALLEY ASSOCIATION ANYMORE!!!!!! And reading all of this just makes me even happier I moved out of there!

I have said before and will say again. I do not live in dogwood valley. I also am not on the board for the homeowner's asso. I am also not related to anyone who is. You say that you took these complaints to the U.S. Attorney's Office. I hope you realize that they won't do anything unless they can prove a civil rights violation. If you want an elected official investigated you have complain to either the commonwealth attorney, which you can't do because you think he is in on it, the Attorney General of Virginia, or the Govenor. If you do that they can instruct the state police to investigate. Your whole problem sounds more civil than criminal anyway. Your main problem with the case is this. The Homeowner's Asso. was ruled against in court numerous times. The problem with that is that the judge stated you are not a Homeowner's Asso. because of this, this, and this. When the Judge did that the Homeowner's Asso. attempt to come into compliance with this, this, and this to follow the judge's order. When they did that you lost the ability to prove intent. That is why they have presented all of the evidence in this case and the judge decided to give you 5 weeks to prove the other 3 offenses that make up a rico violation. Rico is easy to make against the mob. I have murder, narcotics, extortion, gambling, and robbery. I think your upset cause you know this could be the end of your case. Have a nice day! :-)

Quote: "By the way my email address is if you are interested in looking at the details of the information contact me and I will make sure you know exactly where to look!"

Steve, I have not followed these cases much. I'm just picking up on little bits and pieces now. It is my opinion though that if Sheriff Morris was still in office, things might be a little different if there is any truth to some of the things that have been said in these threads. It's just hard to believe some of the things being said. But at the same time, I have had to fight long and hard for justice more than once in the last ten years, so I am not saying any of it is untrue either. Justice will prevail in the ned hopefully.

A whole lot more is about to break loose stay tuned!


I don't know if you are just ignorant or really don't know much about anything in general.

The judge said "YOU have Two of them, show me the involvement of Larry, Mo and Curly"

He wasn't talking about the elements of RICO, that has already been proven, he has two of the defendants he wants the other three!

I guess you would've had to have been there to really know what was said, of course this information is coming from a family of liars as you said before.

For the story at hand.....

The Sheriff's office has closed out it's investigation of the matter of the vandalism on the Dye place, and found that it was an accident. That the driver of the First vehicle was blind and couldn't tell the difference between the road and a ditch full of water.

The Sheriff's office concluded that the Fire department volunteer was illiterate and was unable to read the map that showed the location of the hydrants.

The Sherriff's department contends that the inspections weren't done at that time because the Fire department vehicles were now dirty and had to be rushed back to the firehouse to be cleaned up and waxed.

The Sheriff's office believes that a note couldn't be left because to do so would have allowed the mud on the fire department vehicles one more minute of critical drying time, which of couse could have destroyed the pretty fire department vehicles.

No fire department volunteers have as of yet contacted Mr. Dye!

I guess without knowing the intent of the criminals we couldn't possibly considered charges for their actions.

If my foot slips off the break and I run out into an intersection and impact another vehicle, I just had an "accident".

If my foot slips off the break and I run out into an intersection and impact another vehicle, and I then take off and run from the scene, I have committed a crime!

According to the Sheriff's office it is only a crime if there was an intent to commit a crime in the first action. (of course that depends on who you are!)


If you had an accident you would probably be charged no matter what. Especially if you hit another vehicle. That was a stupid analogy.

In your first example it's reckless driving. In your second example it's reckless driving and hit and run. You're a genius!

quote: "The Sheriff's office concluded that the Fire department volunteer was illiterate and was unable to read the map that showed the location of the hydrants."

Now, that's funny, I don't care who you are!

On the other hand, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to work at a sheriff's office either.

Speedy Armchair, calm down! You took three replies over a span of 2 hours and 16 minutes to say what you could have said in one reply!

"In your first example it's reckless driving. In your second example it's reckless driving and hit and run. You're a genius!"

Well DUH! Do you really think so! That was the reason I used those analogies you dip! It is a perfect match to the situation at the Dye location.

I'm sorry I was fiishing up with Sick's mother and I didn't catch what you said.

That comment was so childish, it almost makes me think of a 15 year old. I will be glad when school starts back!

We are still waiting for that big news to break loose.

Speedy Armchair, calm down and wait. You're so impatient.

LUCKY------ Hey, Steve, Are you sure he sounds like a child? Maybe since he sits in an armchair and tries to run things he is too old or
is unfit. Maybe he is just senile and doesn't know what he says half
the time.
Cut him some slack. hey


I can't make it happen but it will be news worthy when it does happen. You need to mature some and learn patience. Many of us have been dealing with these criminals 10, 12, 15, even 20+ years, we know how to wait for the other shoe to fall. It's getting ready to fall! LOL

Still can't decide if you are Harry, Ed or Doc but I am getting closer!

Don't tell me that was your mother defending you. Wow! Even I'm embarassed now. Maybe she's not your mom maybe a sister. Either way it doesn't look good.

armchair now I know you are senile. I was defending you, because you
are way off base and don't even know it.

So your not related to steve miller?


As you apparently already know since you say you know my entire family (and we are all liars) that you know my mother!

She is one of the victims of the outlaws operating in Greene County which I am sure you are one of outlaws as well.

I guess we will know by your silence if the Judge does the right thing and finds some of them guilty in RICO.

I don't care about the outcome of your case steve. If you win, congrats. If you lose, so sorry better luck next time. I just don't care. You, your brother, and Mr. Dye just aren't that important to me. I just enjoy making you angry. I find it humoring.

Well, I guess if you think you are making me angry in any way then laugh away, Harry.

LOL! Who's Harry. Sorry, but you're wrong again. You're not very good at this investigation thing are you? No wonder this rico trial is moving so slow. You need to stick to being a DJ. The funny part about this is I've never met harry, ed, or doc whoever they are. LOL!

Wow this has been allot more entertaining than informative. As far as the surveillance services headquarters located in an old school bus I have to laugh. You people are so wrapped up in a peeing match with the folks who don't agree with you in the neighborhood that you act like children. The toilets out in front of the surveillance services headquarters are a perfect example of how childish you are acting. I look forward to the end of the Rico case and the summary judgment against all the idiots who brought the case to trial. We will see who is laughing when that happens in August. Good luck Miller family you are going to need it. I prefer to remain anonymous to avoid litigation and a waste of my time ;)

Not named in the rico case,

Perhaps if you weren't trespassing and destroying my property you wouldn't have noticed my flower pots. It's kind of hard for you to remain anonymous when there are only two groups who live on that road and you are one of them.

Just pray that the RICO case goes against the Plaintiffs because if it doesn't there will be more to come.

As for my flower pots on my property which you had your friends bust up with an axe, that one is still under investigation and charges will be filed soon against your five young friends as well. Just to let you know I am currently collectly 40 more flower pots to line both sides of the road with.

Steve, this guy not named sounds like he knows you pretty well.

He does, either he is one of the Board members who have taken the actions that got the RICO case put into action, or he is the other who vandalised my place several times.

It's all a conspiracy isn't it steve? LOL!

I have to comment on the surveilance on the Miller's property. HOW? If it is to identify the law-breakers that have tried to run the Millers
out of Dogwood Valley, by vandalism and harassment, be considered peeping. The PEEPING is or has been done by the vandals and culprits doing the damage to our property. That is a fact admitted to in court under oath. I may not be the brightest person and never claimed to be.
If I am on my own property trying to protect it from encroachment by everyone that thinks it is free game to abuse others right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, it could not be called peeping.
The peeping is from the outsiders coming and looking on and destroying our property. I suppose as long as they think they have the blessings
of all law enforcement in Greene County they will continue to have a
field-day. YOU will be found out.

I don't understand exactly what is going on in Greene County. If all of this trespassing, vandalism, and whatever is true.... and I have no reason to believe it isn't at this point.... I feel very comfortable in stating that I am absolutely sure the former Sheriff William Morris would have gone up to the property and staked it out himself until the culprits were caught and identified. Are you people claiming you're not getting any assistance whatsoever from the Sheriff's Office now?

From what I've heard in Greene Courty is that they have actually had numerous officers served with tresspassing notices. I wonder why they might have a problem getting something investigated. I can't understand why an officer wouldn't jump at the chance to work one of their complaints. I tried to get a warrant issued a couple of years ago and was told that I can have all the people on tape I want. If they can't be identified meaning you don't know who they are or the officer doesn't know who it is(No Name, SSN, Date of Birth) then you're out of luck, because you need those things for the warrant. If you don't have the license plate of the vehicle they were in to attempt to track them down you don't have anything. You just can't walk in with a tape of someone and have a warrant issued for john/jane doe.


So let's get this straight so I can understand it.

If someone breaks into your house tears it apart and breaks up a bunch of things kills your dogs, you can not expect the police to take the complaint or investigate because you don't know the identity or intent of the criminal?

If someone comes into your house starts a fight with you and acidentally drops a bag of dope way back under your desk and then leaves, you find the dope, call the police, identify the criminal and they say well you don't know if he intended to drop the dope and refuse to investigate it's standard procedure?

So you keep working until you can bring charges against that person and when the trial comes up the police no longer have the evidence in their possesion you wouldn't have to wonder about that and the motives of the police?

Please post where the information is located showing a no trespass aganist any Sheriff's department employee. There was an attempt to bring charges against a deputy for destroying my brothers garden when he rolled in without reason and drove through the grarden after nearly running over another brother causing him to have surgery to repair the damage. But the Sheriff's department, commonwealths attorney and the magistrates all decided that charges couldn't be filed against the deputy.

You tell me should my family consider that this just might be a conspiracy.

So armchair is a Sheriff's department employee or a deputy? Must be, as the information you have is only held by the Sheriff's department Deputy investigating the incident, or the Deputy holding that information is freely passing it on to others not privy to it in the county. That's funny because to get any information at all, even what I supplied to the Sheriff's department, I have to make a request under the freedom of information act. Even then I am not given a copy of the complaint because it is protected.

While you are wrong about the information needed to make a complaint, you do echo the sheriff's policy exactly.

Starting to sound more like a conspiracy isn't it?

Actually, I heard it through some people at great value. Nice to know the information was correct. I would never work for Greene County. The Deputies aren't paid enough for the junk they have to put up with. Here you go again making statements you can't prove. You were better off when you had your mother taking up for you on here. If you would open your ears you'd hear that sound of everyone laughing. Just so you know they are laughing at you not with you. Greene County is like living in a real version of Peyton's Place. Everyone knows everyone and they are all in everyone else's business. I thought you might realize that because you live in Greene County. I'm done trying to explain things to you. No matter how anyone here explains it things to you, you come up with x-files type example to plead your case. It's stupid and moronic. You have an amazing future ahead of you authoring conspiracy theories.

Your saying that the Greene County Sheriff's Office, in marked vehicles, just rolled up into your brothers yard did a bunch of donuts in his garden, almost striking your brother, for no reason. You're right that doesn't sound made up at all. Steve did you actually witness any of that or did you hear about it second hand? It just sounds extremely weird on many different levels.

I doubt there is much to these conspiracy ideas, but I did learn that the two gentlemen who were arrested for burgling 50 houses in 8 counties first came into Dogwood Valley because they were hired to help construct the ponds for the dry hydrants. No conspiracy there, just unfortunate for me and my family who live nearby and were subsequently burgled.

Sounds like to me Steve may be a little paranoid. Not a good thing to think that the whole world is against you. Come on Steve, lighten up and enjoy life a little bit. Or, is the courtrooms the life you enjoy? Seems like you stay in them wherever you live. Did some research, very interesting. Maybe you should have been a lawyer, since you enjoy the courtrooms so much.

Someone dropped dope in the house? Wow, that's an expensive accident or conspiracy. lol

Don't understand the dope theory? Was it dropped accidentally or
on purpose? I can't see someone dropping it purposely. It's just too expensive to throw around like that. Wow, good thing it was found way back under the desk. It must have grew legs and walked. LMAO


Oh we are getting lip service, along with the big run around.

I made a complaint about trespassing with the five lads on video including the vehicles they rode in. No the license plates did not show up but the vehicles were indentifiable. One was carrying a short handled Shovel and a weapon strapped onto his side plainly visible, another was carrying an axe, we don't know what or if the other three may have been carrying.

They approached the security unit with a very apparent look of purpose but just as the group reached the unit one of them noticed a camera in the tree and shouted for the others to back off, which they did. The group made several trips through on foot and in vehicles and I guess they decided my flower pots were not covered by a camera (they were wrong) and proceded to bust them up with the axe. Those videos also showed that two of my neighbors made trips both in and out while these criminals were either at the houses of one of these neighbors or somewhere between their houses and my lots so they would have had to drive by them. Both of these neighbors also run video systems watching their property so they would have also had them on video.

I explained all of this to the police officer who finally came out to investigate, gave him a copy of the video and the names of the neighbors he needed to talk to. I saw this police officer one month later and asked him if he was getting anywhere. He told me he couldn't identify the people in the video, I asked him if he had talked to either one of the neighbors I had given him the names and addresses of he replided no there wasn't any need to. I asked him what the weapon was that the one guy had holstered on his side and the officer replided "what weapon" I asked him if he had noticed in the video what two of the individuals were carrying and he was at a loss for words.

Do you think they are really trying to do their jobs or simply covering up crimes against certain people? Do you really think that the incident at Mr. Dyes place was an accident or was it simply being covered up by the Sheriffs office?

But we are sure that the answers will come soon, we have someone looking into the situation and he says he already has identity on two of the individuals and will have them all before the end of the month.

For some reason the Sheriffs department is suddenly interested in the information in the federal court records and have made several trips to get copies of the documents filed there. The funny thing is all of these documents were already supplied to them, what happened to those?

Former resident,

It struck all of us as an attempt to have my brother arrested for drugs to discredit him. The explaination of the "unconvicted perp" was that it must of fell out of his pants pocket!

What is even more odd is the fact that there wasn't any evidence left at the trial.

Wow, what did you Miller's do to piss all these people off in the first place to have them all out to get you? Can't imagine they all just decided one day to go after the Millers. Something brought all this on. Unless it's paranoia and sounds like to me alot of things are being exagerated or blown out of proportion. I think (and this is just a guess), the Miller's like court fights. What a way to get your kicks.

Well, I wonder how people at Great value got this information since this blog is the first time I have said anything about it other than to a police officer. Seems like they are doing a little talking out of place.

As far as the police car and the garden (the entire incident is on video).

As far as being paranoid, well yes we are, When every piece of equipment on my brother's property has been vandalized, and the police won't investigate it, it may tend to make you paranoid!

When several false arrest based on false information are made against you, it may tend to make you paranoid.

When an autopsy is done on your animals and they tell you the animals were piosoned, it may make you a little bit paranoid.

When the police refuse to even take a complaint on these actions, yes it may make you a little paranoid.

When the police start following you through the county and stop you for, driving a little too fast, driving a little to slow, swerving in your lane (not weaving across the line not failure to maintain control but swerving in your lane, which there is no statute for this)and this happens everytime you drive through the county, yes you might get a little paranoid, when you get stopped by a police officer and given a ticket for not having a county sticker, which is obviously right there on the window but he refuses to walk over to the vehicle and actually look at it, and they do this twice in the same month, yes you might get a little paranoid.

When the sheriff and some of his deputies openly discuss tazering and straight jacketing your brother for trying to get to the bottom of these actions you may start to feel a little paranoid.

Former Resident,

Please check out the record in the Greene County Circuit court starting back in 1984. Then you will know what this is all about and why. It seems that some residents bury their heads in the sand, others run, and a very few have the guts to stand up and fight for people who are being hurt.

Yes, I agree, I actually know of someone who use to live in your association, who had some trouble of their own, and no one stood up and fought for them, they had to fight their own fight, and maybe that's what you need to do. Have fun in your endeavors, I'm through here. Just being curious is all, and I'm not the type to keep bickering back and forth. So, here's me running to bury my head in the sand. LOL
Also, I have read up on the case, thank you. Glad I am no longer a resident of your association. Have fun with it!!!!!

You continue to rant and rave about all this video "evidence" of the wrong doings against you and your family. Could you enlighten all of us with the merits of your claims by posting a few of these videos demonstrating your outrageous conspiracy theories? Send a link and we can all see the strength of your evidence. As far as the sheriff's department looking for any reason to harass you it may have to do with you wasting their time all these years. Bring on the videos or please refrain from referencing them as proof to your outlandish claims.

Not named,

You will have the chance to review the videos in court soon enough!

But thank you for your concern!

Sounds to me like you're bluffing. I think you may have over played your hand. You have a terrible poker face. LOL!!!!!!

Just as I thought the rope is tightening around your red neck, good luck.