Snap o' the day: Fast times on the Corner

A peek inside the new burger joint, scheduled to open early fall.

The chic-but-unnamed new burger-joint/music-venue replacing Orbit Billiards on the Corner proudly touts a Fast Times at Ridgemont High still painting. Owners Andrew Watson, JR Hadley, and John Adamson (of Toad's Place in Richmond) let the Hook know that the bottom floor will be a non-smoking restaurant, and the top floor will have a bar and proudly showcase musicians with room for up to 200 audience members. Maybe our CVS-induced Charlottesville music void is about to get filled.


i hope they book some good names that don't come too often... like the Disco Biscuits and Lotus

Disco Biscuits? We need more jam bans coming to town like we need more subaru outbacks on the road.

I tottally agree music lover, this summer has been pretty lousy for the jam scene. Lotus is great theres just no good sized venues anymore. Without starr hill or satt. ballroom where can they play?
a plug for my band playing Free show at Zinc sat. Aug 23 4D Rock! always throws the funky Jams.