'Eyes of the world' focus on West Main

Les Yeux du Monde finds gallery space in former bridal shop.

When last we checked in with Les Yeux du Monde, the art gallery was vacating its tony digs in the Terraces at First and Water streets, and needed a new location for the rest of the year. Owner Lyn Warren has found her new spot: 500 West Main, conveniently located between Zinc Bistro and the ABC store.

"I love the fact it has parking behind," enthuses Warren. "It has a lot of track lights, beautiful ash floors, a lot of windows, and a patio in front."

The downside? "It will have to be more of a destination than a walk by," acknowledges Warren in a phone call from Davidson, North Carolina, where she's helping pack up husband Russ Warren's art. "It's going to be conducive to the new direction I'm taking– specialized consulting rather than random retail," she explains.

Artists Dean Dass, Lydia Gasman, John McCarthy, Russ Warren, Ellen Hathaway and Peyton Hurt will gather for the August 15 grand opening. In September, Les Yeux opens with a previously scheduled show of new paintings by John Borden Evans.

The gallery only will reside on West Main through the end of the year, reminds Warren, but she has another grand opening planned for fall 2009: a W.G. Clark-designed gallery/studio at her home for the ultimate in destination art.


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Say bye-bye. No one will stop there, unless they are looking for a little Saturday night fun at that ABC...if you know what I mean.