Enotecca gives birth to new wine list

Enoteca GM Megan Headley (left) tells us that the Mall winebar recently debuted a new 95 bottle wine list.

We change the list twice a year and this is our third list and our most exciting, in my opinion," says Headley. " I taste with distributors for months leading up to the change and seek out the most artisanal producers in the 21 wine-producing regions of Italy's varied terroir."

The result, she says, is a chance for you to try everything from a half glass of bianchetta ( "an indigenous white from Liguria, a region which exports very little wine due to the difficulty of harvest on such sloping vineyards," says Headley) to a bottle of Sagrantino from wine-making legend Paolo Bea in Umbria.

Headley says she has always compared the creation of a new wine list to giving birth, a comparison that now has new meaning for her– she just returned from 12-weeks maternity leave at the end of April.

"I still hold to that comparison," she insists.

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this wine list blows C&O away. sorry C&O I love you guys but... WOW! everyone needs to check this out.