Sparky's Flaw

Gosh, has it already been a year since Sparky's Flaw signed that big fat deal with Mercury Records? Frontman Will Anderson has been running off to LA periodically to work on writing and recording the would-be breakthrough, and now you'll have a chance to check out all the new material at a free homecoming show. Six Chasing Seven opens.

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I had to do a little digging in order to get permission to post this song, but it was worth it because it's such a change from the lighter pop-rock these guys are becoming known for. It's a rough demo which was tacked onto the end of last year's otherwise highly produced self-titled EP, and is much closer to Bright Eyes or Dashboard Confessional than to anything else in the Sparky's Flaw catalog. If both those acts have suffered from a critical backlash lately, it's not because being openly emotional is inherently a bad idea -- it's just that they can go overboard with the Dawson's Creekiness of it all. There's nothing wrong with heart-on-sleeve acoustic guitar, though, and in Sparky's case, I hope we hear more of this depth on the upcoming major-label debut.