McCain and Obama tied in Virginia

With the Democratic and Republican National Conventions looming large at the end of this month, a new poll indicates that if the battle for the White House between Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) is a close one, the final Electoral College tally could come down to Virginia. In a poll co-sponsored by Roanoke's WDBJ-TV and Washington's WJLA-TV in Washington, McCain and Obama are statistically tied in the Old Dominion, with 48 percent of likely voters supporting McCain, and 47 percent supporting Obama, with a 3.9 percent margin of error.


what a pity that would be !

lets stand tall virginians and make an olympic upset... and dare to stand behind someone who would be willing to be a social change agent...its time to see someone shake it up a bit and show the world we are capable of taking back our respect and honor we so diligently achieved some 20 years ago .

You mean during Carter's term? OK..........

Yeah, so Carter was 30 years ago... That's fine, I'll show myself out.