Who is our local "Top Model"?

Who is she? That's been the question on lips all over town since it was revealed this morning that season 11 of Tyra Banks' megahit show, America's Next Top Model, will feature a 20-year-old Charlottesville beauty named Lauren Brie.

Well, who is she? Here's a clue: If she needs protection from the throngs of admirers likely to come her way once the show premieres September 3, she won't have to look far for law enforcement support: Lauren Brie is actually Lauren Brie Harding, daughter of Albemarle County Sheriff Chip Harding (pictured at right with his wife and Brie's mom, Linda Harding).

The stunning blonde, who actually goes by her middle name, Brie, is a Monticello High School grad who played basketball for the Mustangs and is now a Radford University student.

Reached moments ago while on vacation in Florida, Sheriff Harding says his daughter's selection out of thousands to compete on the show has been a closely held secret "for a long time."

Citing the show's strict confidentiality requirements, Harding declines to reveal any details of his daughter's experience. Still, he admits, "We're very excited."



hmmmm...some of the antics on the show I don't think the good Sheriff would approve.

Wow, Chip Harding is a stunning blond.

She got her's mom's looks that is for sure. I hope she does well but I've got a feeling she's too well adjusted for Tyra. That show seems to always go for the crazy ones with the sad background.

Good luck to her!