The C-ville Music Showcase Second Anniversary

Here we have the can't-miss show of the week, and by a mile and a half: the fine gents at the C-ville Music Showcase have collected two years of Wednesday night energy into a single midweek anniversary blowout, with two stages running all day and jammed full of performances by your favorite and soon-to-be-favorite local rockers (and then some – keep an ear out for sets by DJ Deep See and the Duck Brothers).

Take-no-prisoners rockers The Kings Of Belmont headline the main stage, jammy jazz band sesshin leads the second, and in between you'll find Willie Walter with his big ol' band, blues-rock jams from Raw Dawg, singer-songwriter Travis Elliott, folk-rock duo Birdlips, guitar-bashin' chick Lola Mullen, and songwriter John Pringle.

MP3s? Sure thing, daddy-o. Open wide:

The Kings Of Belmont - The Jerk Store [demo]
The Kings Of Belmont - Git R Done
The Kings Of Belmont - South Bound
The Kings Of Belmont - Beg For More
The Kings Of Belmont - Sway
Birdlips - Tire Chains
Birdlips - Some Kind Of Death
Space Cadet 7 - Killer Octopus
Lola Mullen - Split Wide Open
Raw Dawg - Alibi
Raw Dawg - Dig
Raw Dawg - HOI
sesshin - Caravan
William Walter and Company - Sunflower [live]
William Walter and Company - All The Best [live]
William Walter and Company - Alright [live]
William Walter and Company - Border Crosser [live]


Great Caesar's ghost, that's a lot of MP3s! I don't think we've ever had this many for a single event before. Many thanks to the Showcase folks for helping to make it happen.

I remember playing this show! That was an awesome time. I didn't realize they had put so many mp3s up! Thanks for being so awesome with promoting, Hook.

I know, right? Definitely also gotta give credit to AC Logan from the Showcase crew on this one.