LeRoi Moore dies

Less than two months after an ATV accident on his Charlottesville area farm, Dave Matthews Band saxophonist LeRoi Moore has died from unexpected complications stemming from his injuries, according to numerous internet reports. On June 30, Moore was seriously injured while riding his all terrain vehicle on his farm outside Charlottesville. Initially listed in critical condition, Moore was released from the hospital several weeks later, only to return to UVA medical center on July 21, reportedly with complications from a collapsed lung.

According to a release from the Dave Matthews Band publicist on TMZ.com, Moore died unexpectedly today in Los Angeles at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, where he had recently returned "to begin an intensive physical rehabilitation program."

The Dave Matthews Band was scheduled to play a concert at the Staples Center in L.A. tonight. At posting time, the status of that concert is unknown.


Rest In Peace. You brought much joy to DMB fans for years. I will continue to treasure your music - and will never, ever hear a sax without thinking of you. Your music lives on.

R.I.P. Sad. Love for the family.

LeRoi - rest in peace. Thanks for the many years of musical magic you created with the DMB. Sad day for music today - but your tunes will live on.

RIP LeRoi. Your talent will not be forgotten, and you will be dearly missed by all your fans.

Rest in Peace, 'Roi. Thank you for the years of greatness you have brought to all of us. Words cannot express how you will be missed. My thoughts and prayers go out to your family, friends, and fans.

RIP Roi. You will be missed by many. Your music has meant so much to me throughout the years in good times and bad.

I am heartbroken. LeRoi and the band changed my life and brought so much joy to me through their music which I just happened to be listening to when I read the news. A heartfelt thanks for all you've done. You will always live on through your music. God bless.

For anyone who might want to read and reflect on more fan reactions, there are also some enormous threads at the DMB discussion sites.


You will be missed more than you would have ever imagined. Your talent and music will live on forever and you will never be forgotten, you brought a lot of joy to peoples lives. I am so sorry to see you are no longer with us. To your family, my deepest sympathy with your tragic loss, please take solice in knowing there are so many out here praying for you.

Leroi Having been turned on to BMD by my wife and attending the concert at nissan pavillon a couple of months ago I really enjoyed your sax solo I am going to miss all the future joy you would have brought with you to the band. May you play in Heaven for all of the angels to hear your greatness.

LeRoi was, in my honest opinion, THE most soulful member of Dave Matthews Band. It seemed to me that LeRoi, being the oldest member (I think), had a sort of wisdom about him and was reserved in his presence.

He played some of the raunchiest, honkiest sax on songs like DMB's cover of "All Along the Watchtower" and on their peppy upbeat song "Stay (Wasting Time)" and then play solos on songs such as the heart-wrenchingly beautiful "#41" , "Say Goodbye" ,and "Too Much", just to name a very few.

I never had the pleasure of hearing and seeing LeRoi play live but I am sure it would have been amazing. I was nenver quite sure why I fell in love with DMB and their music. It was after hearing their music that I started playing acoustic guitar myself and writing my own songs since the first time I heard the band at around age 12.

I truly hope to God on high that LeRoi is in Heaven, because how could music like his exist in a world that is so messed up?

LeRoi, God rest your soul. You will be missed greatly but celebrated even more.

Nice playin'.


Here's to you my friend. May your life in heavan be filled with the most beautiful music and joy. LeRoi, you were awesome man. One of the greatest in the world. I will always treasure what you contributed to the DMB. Cheers brother from another mother.
What a huge loss for the music industry.

Rest in peace, LeRoi. You are loved, and will be missed, by so very many people...

Thank you Roi...for all you have left behind...you will be missed.

LeRoi Moore, our fallen friend... 11:17pm
Sunday, May 14th, 2003..."Congratulations, Congratulations, Congratulations," he said over and over again to me (without letting me interrupt him) , the day after Morwenna and I graduated from Berklee College of Music. With a blocked number calling my phone, I was hesitant to answer, but I had a feeling it was a call I should pick up. Hearing how big his smile was and his pride for my accomplishment was unreal. A musician I had grown up listening to since I was 12 years old, had called me to congratulate me on graduating music school. He kept saying to me that I did something that he only dreamed of and that I was on a great track.

Ever since I first met him, he always said I had incredible energy and a drive that was unlike anyone else. Since then he always acted as a mentor to me, listening to new ideas & songs, inviting me to meet people in the music industry, and encouraging me to never stop writing & playing. He was a very intelligent, hilarious, and humble person. He got me my first professional gig playing a DMB side-stage show in Mansfield, MA and he said my music was "too beautiful." I think he was "too beautiful" and he will be missed dearly. I am heartbroken and crushed, like so many...

If you ever have seen me write "stay on the positive tip," It is a quote that LeRoi wrote to me (when I was a kid in middle school) on a flyer of theirs when DMB released their first major CD. I truly believe that it is necessary for all of us to get through any hard situations with positivity, so let us do just that. Be who you are, love what you do, love the ones around you and don't take anyone or anything for granted.

with love, guidance, and the utmost sincerity,
Stay on the positive tip...

-Jay Pun

I only met LeRoi once -- and "met" is probably much too strong a word, actually, as it was very much in passing -- but I honestly think I've heard more about him over the past few years as a friend-of-a-friend than as a member of DMB. It's obviously too late to wish LeRoi well, but he was clearly connected to a whole lot of Charlottesville musicians, so I hope all you other Jay Puns out there are doing OK.

If I go before I'm old
Oh brother of mine please don't forget me if I go
Oh and if I die before my time¢Ã¢â??¬Š..

Our hearts are so heavy today... Even though we never met, we all feel close to the DMB family. The "guys" have been our hometown heros from day one. We feel as though we have lost a dear friend. The music community has suffered a great loss. LeRoi was one of the most talented sax players of all time. So many kids have picked up the sax and wanted play because of LeRoi. I am so thankful for all the joy he brought to us while he was here. My kids were lucky enough to see his last show at Nissan Pavilion on June 29th. To the Moore family, you are in our thoughts & prayers. LeRoi, we love YOU man!