City to restaurants not paying meal tax: pay up

NBC29 reports that the City is cracking down on restaurants not paying their meal tax, a four percent charge on every meal served which accounts for five percent of the general fund, or about $7 million, which goes to police and fire services among other things. Last week, Commissioner of Revenue Lee Richards issued summonses to six area restaurants, including the Outback Lodge on Preston Avenue, which hasn't paid up in several months.

However, some recent good fortune for the area night club, bar, and restaurant may have saved the day. Not mentioned in the NBC29 story, Outback owner Terry Martin bought a $100,000 winning lottery ticket at the Shell station on Preston Avenue a few weeks ago. Martin could not be reached for comment, as the restaurant's phone is still disconnected, but sources confirm that Martin did in fact receive the big fat check. Of course, that's good news for music lovers, as the Outback has been filling the music venue void left by the closing of Starr Hill Music Hall and the Satellite Ballroom.