Mag chooses Beer Run as top beer shop

Beer Run, we think its safe to say, has had a pretty good run since opening in December.

In addition to becoming a popular Belmont hang out, mostly by serving up nearly everything–-hand-crafted beers, wine, coffee, dinner, breakfast, brunch, lunch, gourmet grocery items, live music, outdoor dining, wine & beer tastings, a delivery service, and a welcoming bar to sit at–-the Carlton Road establishment was recently selected as one of the 100 best places to drink beer in America by Imbibe Magazine, the Portland-based glossy dedicated to covering the world of drink.

"In a college town where kegs of macrobrews may be the typical order of the day, Beer Run sells customers on an amazing lineup of bottled craft beers and serves some great draught ones on the shop's bar side," write the Imbibe editors in their September/October issue, not yet on newsstand. " The staff is knowledgable and friendly, and regular tastings inspire experimentation and learning."

"It was a complete surprise," says Beer Run's Josh Hunt of the honor. "I have no idea how they found out about us.

"It's exciting to be included," says Hunt, who opened Beer Run with his partner, John Woodriff. "It makes us feel like all the hard work has been worthwhile."

So what's the secret to their success?

"We've been listening to people alot," says Hunt. "I think it's important to know what people want."

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I believe the posts sticking up in the photo of Monterey are the remains of a trailer park used by workers on the pumped storage facility. When the job ended, there weren't any jobs to move to and they hung on for quite awhile poaching deer and such.

IMHO, that job was a mess- the contractor invited many more people to the area than they had jobs for and when inspectors tried to get the contractor to fix leaks in the tunnels, the inspector's were harassed and their lives were threatened.
Pick contractors carefully.
Monte Haun