The Falsies

Even though they're celebrating the release of their second album, the Falsies are in trouble, sort of – their moral foundation is crumbling. And that's saying quite a lot given that they send us songs called "Are You Sexually Available" and have a locally famous anthem called... well, just go see for yourself.

"The whole premise of the band was that we didn't really play our instruments, kind of like this balance of humor and good songs," says frontman Peter Markush, "It was still entertaining even though the instruments weren't played very well."

The "problem," then is that during the time that has elapsed since their debut, they've all learned to play their instruments better, they have a new guitarist and bassist who Markush says are more skilled, and most importantly, they learned to work together as an outfit.

"We decided to present ourselves as not-sloppy, as a real band," says Markush. "Once we get to where these songs actually sound good, we kinda like it that way."

As Markush puts it, this kind of makes them "false Falsies." Still, if this new one is anywhere near as entertaining as The Real Fake Things, you're in for a treat. "Even if we were as tight as Rush, there's a lot of humor and personality locked up in these songs," promises drummer/chicken Lance Brenner.

The Falsies - Are You Sexually Available

Straight Punch To The Crotch opens, which no doubt means that each band will spend the whole night trying to out-absurd the other. We'd like to bet on the chicken here, but Billy's keyboard doubles as a flamethrower, so who knows.

Straight Punch To The Crotch - Robot Baby
Straight Punch To The Crotch - When Animals Attack
Straight Punch To The Crotch - Summer Sun and Firecrackers