William Walter and Co.

The usually-acoustic, often-aggressive pop-rock of William Walter made its way to Floyfest again this past summer, and this time it won him some accolades – "Best New Artist," to be exact. Willie says it was a nice inspirational jolt: "It was nice to have the fellas know they're doing well," he says. "When you play as many bars as we play, it's nice to have someone pat you on the back a little bit."

And about that "so many bars" part: between this show and the Morning Pages, it's nice to see that Boylan Heights, the new restaurant taking over the former Orbit space on the Corner, is rolling out its performance space in full force. Considering the number of venues that have shut down recently, this new one is a welcome addition.

William Walter and Company - Sunflower [live]
William Walter and Company - All The Best [live]
William Walter and Company - Alright [live]
William Walter and Company - Border Crosser [live]
William Walter and Company - Myspace


It's very good, if I do say so myself. ;-)

A song called MYSPACE in an MP3 on the INTERNET? How meta!