Twistin' wind: Hanna track shifted eastward

Follow the spinning winds and tracks.

In advance of Tropical Storm and probable Hurricane Hanna, Governor Tim Kaine has just declared a state of emergency due to high winds and probable coastal flooding, but it looks like Charlottesville/Albemarle may not get much more than a solid soaking, now that computer models are showing a pathway that avoids a direct hit on Central Virginia.

"The track has been moved much farther to the east," says climatologist Jerry Stenger. "And it shows signs of becoming less organized with no distinct eye. This all works in our favor."

He believes Hanna may still hit the coast as a weak Category 1 hurricane, but he thinks that Charlottesville will get just one to two inches of rain and winds around 20 miles per hour with some higher gusts.

"All in all," says Stenger, "it looks like a blustery day for us with winds beginning to pick up Saturday morning and trailing off Saturday evening."

"We're cautiously optimistic," says Charlottesville City spokesperson Ric Barrick, though he notes that the Public Works Department has focused on cleaning out storm drains this week to avoid backup. "I think," says Barrick, "we're more concerned about Hurricane Ike than Hanna at this point."

Indeed, Ike yesterday is a dangerous Cape Verde hurricane, and last night it was upgraded to powerful Category 4 status.

–updated 1:37pm, September 4

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Hannah's wimpin out on us.