Get well, Sidney!

Sidney Tapscott celebrated his 80th birthday five years ago at the Blue Moon Diner.

Sidney Tapscott, a downtown fixture for decades, has been hospitalized at UVA since Sunday night. The now 85-year-old best known for his sidewalk sweeping and for his harmonica-playing in the Hogwaller Ramblers band is suffering from pneumonia, according to his friend, musician Jamie Dyer. There is hopeful news, however: Tapscott could be released Thursday, says Dyer, if he continues to improve.

"The reason I love Sidney is he always tried to make the place he lived better," says Dyer. Now let's hope Tapscott himself gets better!


Get well Sidney, you always were a welcome sight to see on West Main Street whenever I passed you by or shouted out a "hi" to you, hope you feel better soon.

Aww. Get well, Sidney! It wouldn't be C-ville without you!