Meade Ave. resident offers $1,000 reward for cinder-blocker

While John McCabe admits 'dead or alive' is a bit of hyperbole, the Meade Avenue resident is serious about offering a $1000 reward for evidence of whomever put cinderblocks in the middle of his street.

Though Charlottesville's a long way from the O.K. Corral, Meade Avenue got a dose of frontier justice this morning when flyers began appearing offering a reward for the body of a local outlaw "dead or alive." No, the crime wasn't train-robbin' or horse-rustlin', but cinderblockin'.

Last night, Meade resident John McCabe was driving back home when he saw a line of about six cinderblocks in the middle of the road near Meade Park.

"When I came up on them, I just stopped, got out of my car, and moved them out of the way," McCabe says.

But hours later, the varmint(s) had struck again, and this time McCabe wasn't so lucky.

"I came back, and most of them had been put back," he says, "and I hit them with my car."

While McCabe says his car sustained no noticeable damage, he did say he was "really pissed off," called the police, and this morning put up flyers advertising his reward for photos of the "location and suspect." He admits "dead or alive" was just an attention-grabbing "tagline," but he's dead serious about the $1,000.

"It can't just be some neighbor you don't like," says McCabe, "but if you bring him to my door, or bring me pictures, I'll give you the $1,000."

Charlottesville Police spokesman Lt. Ronnie Roberts says that the police got a call at 2:15am last night about the cinderblocks.

"An officer went by there, saw the cinderblocks, and moved them out of the road," says Roberts.

For now, McCabe lacks hard evidence, but he has his suspicions of who the bad hombres are.

"I don't think these are malevolent teenagers," says McCabe. "I think it's someone who doesn't want someone going 45 in a 25[mph] zone. But I'm afraid someone will not see them in time and swerve."

Roberts says police aren't investigating at this point, as whoever made the call last night neglected to leave a name.

"It ends there," says Roberts. "How can we investigate a crime if there's no victim? There's nothing here."

Still, Roberts says McCabe is free to offer all the bounties he wants.

"I would hope he would turn over any information to us," says Roberts, "but he's fine as long as he's not putting up flyers in inappropriate places, whether you interpret 'dead or alive' as a comical approach or something else."

For all of McCabe's hang-'em-high publicity, he says nobody else in his neighborhood has voiced any concern about the potential road hazard. According to McCabe, that says more about his neighbors than the lack of information.

"They're a bunch of p***ies," says McCabe. "They wouldn't complain if you started dropping bombs on them."

McCabe encourages anyone with any information to contact him via e-mail at Charlottesville police can beĀ reached atĀ 970-3280


what a stud

Speeding really is out of control on Meade Avenue once again. I can't recall the last time I saw police radar being worked on the street. People who are already speeding accelerate even more when the traffic light at East Market annd Meade Avenue turns yellow for the Meade Avenue traffic. It's probably just a matter of time before somebody is killed in this intersection.

And, yes, I have a solution. Just like other departments hire their retired employees back on a part time basis.... the police can hire Phil Waufle back to work radar. He'll break up this foolishness on Meade Avenue, Locust Avenue, Park Street, etc...

Waufle's gone? He was a legend. Back in my motorcyle days he tried to catch me a few times. He never got close but he always tried!

Yes, he's recently retired. End of 2007, beginning of 2008 maybe. I saw Waufle working radar and keeping our streets safe every day he was out there. I guess these new youngsters on the police force just don't seem to find the time to pull over and park to work radar any longer. They're too busy sending 3 officers to serve a simple misdemeanor warrant (In all fairness to Longo and the 3 officers, a 4th next to useless officer filled their head with a bunch of foolishness).

I like abusive driver fees.

they'd rather ticket railroad track trespassers....

It's not a crime if there's no victim??

What about impeding traffic, endangerment, and probably more?

Dan1101, I strongly disagree with Lt. Ronnie Roberts here. It's about the craziest thinng I have ever heard a police officer say. Endangering the public is a crime whether anybody is actually hurt or not. In other words, intent rules where a successful conclusion to a crime hasn't even taken place. Obstacles placed in a public highway obviously have the intent of causing harm.

If you want a second opinion, I can give you that too. If I plant a bomb in City Hall and it's discovered and disarmed before detonation, it's still a crime. Nobody has to be injured, just the intent to injure, maim or kill.