UVA grad Fey puts her best Palin forward

UVA grad and veteran comedic actress Tina Fey, now of 30 Rock fame, returned last night to her old gig, Saturday Night Live, with an opening skit that may have had many viewers wondering, "Is this Sarah Palin?"


It was just too real to be considered satire. I think it really was Palin!!

I absolutely loved it!!!!

Unfortunately, Fey wasn't funny, as usual.

At first I couldn't stop laughing and then I cried.
Humor is often the best way to express the truth

"truth,...what works in every relationship that you have that does work---between loved ones, a parent and child, friends, colleagues, employees and their bosses, citizens and their government....truth is messy, uncontrollable, and it can be disruptive. But at day's end, it's all we have. And we --all of us
---need to trust it. We need to start to trust truth again"
( from "The Way of The World : A Story fo Truth and Hope in An Age of Extremism" by Ron Suskind )

I hope Ms Palin reads this book before she becomes Vice President

she was awesome! Tina Fey is a great comedian and writer as well. If you can't get her humor you are definitely OLD.

I especially loved her poses during Hilary's outburst. She is one hot cookie with super talent. She probably needs a body guard her resemblance to Sarah is so striking----

I don't believe Sarah Palin's appointment for most women is about feminism, motherhood, lipstick, or qualifications. I believe it is primarily about abortion, and whether it is legal or illegal, and whether the next President will overturn Roe vs. Wade. Sarah Palin could become President. In US history 9 Vice Presidents have risen to the presidency during their terms.

A 95 year old friend of mine was enthusiastically supporting McCain until the Palin nomination, because she believed he would not make abortion a central issue when choosing the next Supreme Court Justice, and was a moderate on the issue, believing he would allow abortion in the case of rape, incest or harm caused to the mother or child by continuing the pregnancy. When told that McCain had nominated a VP who did not support allowing abortion under all these circumstances she immediately said " He's lost my vote". She said making abortion illegal won't stop abortion it will only kill women. A childhood friend of hers had died performing an abortion on herself with a coat hanger. Those were the days when abortion was illegal

If the supreme court overturns Roe V wade it will simply become a states rights issue.Don't worry your right to flush YOUR mistake won't be taken away.