Michelle Obama coming to town

Michelle Obama's visit comes less than a year after husband Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) set an attendance record at the Charlottesville Pavilion.

Sept. 16 update: The Obama campaign confirms that tomorrow's rally will be held at UVA's Newcomb Hall and will begin around 4:50pm. Michelle Obama will be joined by Jill Biden, wife of Democratic vice presidential candidate Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE). Those planning to attend are strongly suggested to RSVP at va.barackobama.com.

The Associated Press reports and campaign officials to the Hook that Michelle Obama, wife of Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) will be coming to Charlottesville on Wednesday afternoon to participate in a Women for Obama voter registration rally.

According to the latest poll numbers, the Obama campaign will take all the help in Virginia it can get, as those numbers show Obama tied with Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) for the Commonwealth's 13 electoral votes. At the time of this post, the campaign had yet to nail down a precise location.


Maybe we could get Todd Palin in here and really make an event of it.

Tommy tom, Michelle isn't the wife of the VP candidate, whatever his name is again...

I suppose she will be serving the Obama Kool Aid while she is here too.

Drink up, Mr T. - at least Obama's Kool Aid isn't laced with cyanide.

Sure it's laced. That's how they ensure the dead vote Dem in Chicago.

that doesnt make sense

Can we expect the nascar king of AK to pay us a visit too? I'm sure there are some trailer parks around here that can draw a crowd for him. Perhaps some roadkill burgers can be served up too...but hold the lipstick!

It's not a tie. Nobody bothers to mention the fact that newly-registered voters aren't included in the sample the polling firms use. The Obama campaign has been registering new voters all year long at an amazing clip. Of course, if the media highlighted that the race wouldn't be artificially close and that would harm ratings.

For all of you people who want to make fun of Mr. and Mrs Obama and the end of the day they will shine because all of us that not rich like them will still be poor and full of rugs. Because your hate for peace and doing the right thing all you can do is talk negative thing about Mr.Obama and his family i am a white woman and i am proud of these people and i am not going to vote Republican because i like change and we need it bad and i do not want the same old lies that Bush and that John have given us for the last 8 years we need Mr. Obama he is the right man for the job Sahra and the old man with make more mess in the White house she not dealing with a full deck and anyone else that can not see the writeing on the wall that change is going to come good or bad Wake up American we are going down and it was our people White people that have mess it up for the world people all over the world hate doing business with the USA because we lie all the time and never do the right thing by other. Being a White woman in the USA is a shame to show our faces we have been fools and the whole world is looking at us still willing to keep on the path to hell four more years of being in hell for 8 years Stand up and Vote Obama be smarts

Maria, can you start over and repeat what you said please? I got a headache trying to figure out where one sentence ended and another started. Gee Whiz!

Maybe Michelle Obama can play this video for the local voters?


Every four years I hear that "newly registered voters will turn the tides" BS, usually regarding the Democratic candidate.
And every four years, the Democratic candidate fails to get 50% of the popular vote (usually a requirement to win).
Last time a Democrat got at least 50% of the popular vote...anyone got a guess?

My guess is Gore. If I'm wrong that's ok because 8 years has shown us the majority were dead Wrong with W. The US public got what they voted for. An arrogant, loud mouth, do nothing prez. Yes, the big W. I assume the "W" stands for WORST.

Obviously Maria is one of those reds pretending to be a supporter and voted for the same person who asked, "Is our children learning?"

S. McPalin - it's comments like this (Can we expect the nascar king of AK to pay us a visit too? I’m sure there are some trailer parks around here that can draw a crowd for him. Perhaps some roadkill burgers can be served up too”Šbut hold the lipstick!) that give liberals the reputation as elitists. So STFU! UR NOT HELPING.

SpaceCat -- really? I thought it was comments like "I suppose she will be serving the Obama Kool Aid" that gave the right wingers the reputation as racist. hmmm...you dont have an NRA card do ya Cat? My you have selective vision dont ya! So yes in return you can GFY!

How is " I am sure she will be serving the Obam Kool Aid "RACIST?

maybe Tina Fey will show up as Ms. Palin...Tina is a UVA alum you know!

what??????, Ask Mr T. He didn't pick Pepsi or iced tea now did he. Google if you just crawled out from under a rock.

Now where did George Allen end up after his Macaca joke? You think people would learn to lay off the warped humor. This is 2008 not 1958.

I did google it and it came up as Jim Jones nutty church So how is that racist?

One thing we know for sure- based on the comments here, riddled with half sentences and neanderthal-esq grunts, I'd say Charlottesvillians, racist as they are, aren't the sharpest knives in the drawer. Obama wins with or without VA. And, it's not Kool Aid you'll be drinking, it's crow you'll be eating, not unlike the Jim Crow you made us eat for decades. Good luck right wingers, Johnah McPalin et al...you'll need it!

BNR it's too bad people like you want to blame your personal failures on jim crow. You love Barack so much but he is only 1/4 black, he is half white and 1/4 arab that raped and pillaged blacks for centuries. Why are you not blaming him?

To the non-artist known as "say what???"- I understand you're as ignorant as the stagnant water in your shallow mountain creek, so I'll enlighten you on the following:
1- Barack Obama is half black half white. His Kenyan father was a pure blooded LUO. Luos are related to the Dinka tribe in Southern Sudan. They are not mixed with Arab. Their skin is jet black;
2- You couldn't point to the continent of Africa on a world map so don't tell me anything about its history, as it's clear you only know what Pat Robertson's version;
3- Just as your white "self" is voting for Johnah McPalin because they represent the epitome of whiteness, I'm voting for Obama because he represents blackness. It's a colored world out there- get used to it.
4- My short comings? Why I have none, and it doesn't change the fact that hatred and racism are your legacy (the "your legacy" bit is underlined- TWICE) and it doesn't change the fact that come November 5-- as I stated in the comment above your fragmented hissy fit-- you'll be eating...crow.

Can we just have a candidate that represent most of the issues with common sense rather than concerning ourselves with their color, religion, type of car they drive, glasses they wear or eating habits? If that is Obama, so be it.

Let's all get off this race issue and leave the past behind us. Nothing is gain from the past except learning from mistakes.

Today we are living with Bush's mistakes. That should be the issue.

Its easy to find Africa on a map... isn't it the Continent where blacks sold other blacks to whites and blacks have been massacreing other blacks for Thousands of years???

Does it bother you that Obamas blackness is only mocha?

What about Biden being all white? So you are voting for a 25% of the real thing? Oh well, I guess you take what you can get.

say what, go crawl back under your rock. good grief give it a rest.