Locally made film gets Barboursville screenings

Leo Arico stars as Mister Angerhead and Heather Lebowski as Connie.

The makers of Mister Angerhead, a locally shot feature that debuted late last year, will give area movie-goers a second chance to see this Southern Gothic picture later this month.

Made by filmmakers Mark Edwards and Mary Michaud, the documentarians best known for Still Life with Donuts, Mister Angerhead is a creepy-yet-humorous tale of a bad neighbor. It's set in the city's Belmont district.

“After seeing our first movie–- a sweet ode to our neighborhood," says Michaud, "some people were surprised by Mister Angerhead’s dark themes. But I was really thrilled with the response."

She and Edwards are now attempting to self-distribute the picture in Virginia.

Mr. Angerhead debuted last November at the Martin Luther King Center. It will be screened September 26th and 27th at the Four County Players, formerly known as the Barboursville Playhouse.