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The restaurant owner is Tomas Rahal of Mas Tapas Bar

Dear Barbara- I somehow feel vindicated after having read the many accounts on the web regarding the encountering the rude, and disrespect of the owner of Mas Tapas. My party encountered extremely poor service as in "no customer service" recently at this restaurant. After attempting to voice our concerns to management and the owner in an adult manner, we left the restaurant. Not only did they not investigate our complaints about the service, but insulted our intelligence, lied to us, accused us of lying, and generally treated us like we were the dirt! i can't believe this business has been in business since 2006 or so. Please use this article to inform the public so they will not visit this horrible place. Thanks

So is the website owner also responsible for checking if there really, truly are roaches at a restaurant if someone says so? Or if the food is too salty? I don't think so. I read the entire exchange and I think it's silly that the author of this article feels that an apology is owed to the restaurant owner.