2,600 kids flag Montpelier's grand re-opening

2,600 children from area schools held up placards on the front lawn of the restored Montpelier today.

"The pink stucco is gone, and James Madison is back," exclaimed Richard Moe, president of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, not long before 2,600 children from area schools held aloft colored placards to create a giant-sized American flag for the official grand reopening of the fourth president's home today.

As a red, white, and blue helicopter (and a Hook-affiliated airplane) circled over the grounds of the Orange County mansion, there were sunny skies and smiles for this culmination of a $24 million restoration.

"I must say," Moe continued, as he looked out on the Blue Ridge Mountains from under the home's ample portico, "in my line of work, it doesn't get any better than this."

Other high-profile speakers heap praise on James Madison for leading the authorship of the American Constitution and then, after initially saying no, endorsing its first ten amendments, the Bill of Rights.

Click this photo of James & Dolley for a nifty slideshow.

"In the words of today, folks," said Governor Tim Kaine, "he was a flip-flopper. And thank God for that."

The Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, John G. Roberts, called Madison "under-appreciated but absolutely indispensible."

And today's master of ceremonies, PBS newscaster Jim Lehrer, remarked that Madison's genius was a Constitution that has stood the test of time. "He invented a government that could be run by idiots," said Lehrer. "No offense intended."


Was Mr. Lehrer speaking generally or to the specific admin?

I hope everyone who lives in Central VA appreciates how much beauty and history is around you. This event at Montpelier is such a great opportunity to appreciate the genius of Madison and the foundation it created for our government.