Onesty Pool demo begins

Final design plan for the Meade Park pool and park.
Kimley-Horn & Associates

Demolition began today on the Onesty Pool and bath house at Meade Park, which will make way for its $3.8 million replacement. From the looks of the final design plan (pictured left), prepared by Kimley-Horn & Associates, folks over on that side of town are going to have their own "water fun park." In addition to new trails, playgrounds, and fields on the 5.6 acre tract of land along Chesapeake Street, the Meade Park project will include a new pool complex with a large spiral water slide, a lap pool, a "lazy river," a "Coolbrella," a spa, an assortment of play structures in the water, and a "Zero Depth" entry "beach."  For more information about the project, visit the City's Meade Park planning page.


I thought the city needed more rectangular playing fields?

My son's youth football team used to practice on the site of the new water park. We shared the field with at least one other team -- at least until it got too dark to practice there, and we had to move under the lights at Burley.

Seriously, though, it looks like a nice project.

This is great! The new pool will be used by a lot of people, especially kids who can walk there and need something to do. Nice job, Mike Svetz.
Kevin Cox

Yep, one much-loved greenspace is now ruined by an enormous (and enormously expensive) FunPlex on a lot way too small to hold it. It will be a depressing hole in the ground that's visible- front and center- for 9 months out of the year. The attractive part, the green park, is now pushed into the back, basically into a bowl that isn't even visible from the street. Not safe. More incredibly boneheaded planning that was jammed down people's throats.

Why wasn't the Planning Commission overseeing a project of this magnitude? Why were they completely bypassed?

And is anyone curious as to where the Farmers in the Park Market is going to go now that their available space has shrunk so dramatically?

I didn't realize swimming was a function of government.

Used by a few, paid for by all.

I'm not into swimming, I like classic cars.

Can the government please set me up?

....and the Rescue Squad across the street always has to beg for donations.

Why is Charlottesville of confused priorities?

Dave C,
I think you might be just a tad confused. The government of Charlottesville has been providing public pools for many years for many people. You didn't realize that?
The Rescue Squad is not across the street from Meade Park. The Rescue Squad is across the street from McIntire Park which is where the YMCA pool is going to be built. Well, the plan is to build it there. I don't think the softball folks have surrendered yet.
Kevin Cox

Dave C,
So, you like classic cars huh . . . the last time I checked the "government" has provided you with miles and miles and miles of public roads to drive those classic cars on.

I'm with Kevin. This looks likes a great project, and will be a very nice replacement for the previous (and somewhat dated) facility. Nice job Mike Svetz.

Thank You,
Frank Fountain

I can't wait for this to be completed. I'm with the others. I find this a welcoming way to spend tax dollars. The children can have a fun, safe place to go during the summers. I WILL be attending as well as supporting this.

OK I realize Meade park now and not McIntire.

The difference between roads and pools are that roads are infrastructure used by all, versus pools used by relatively few. Roads are also somewhat "pay as you go" ...about $.41 or so per gallon of gas is taxes. Not long ago tax was about half of the cost of fuel.

If you like bowling, you pay as you go. Why should swimming be any different.

I'm not against the pool 100%, just not for it as long as we don't have fully funded public safety, etc. Fire, police, infrastructure to support business and jobs first, pools and arts etc after all essential services are fully funded.

Dave C,

To quote Mr. Cox’s reference to you (above): ââ?¬Å?I think you might be just a tad confused.”

All swimming pool users in Charlottesville do ââ?¬Å?pay as you go”. With the exception of a very limited (and very seasonal) two hour window per week, every time any man, women or child uses any of the Charlottesville City pools, they pay an admission fee.

It is partially the City’s responsibility (as Kristina mentions above) to provide facilities where ââ?¬Å?The children can have a fun, safe place to go during the summers”. If the City does not provide these types of options, then we will all pay more for those ââ?¬Å?essential services” (police, fire, etc.) as a result.

Children and young adults that don’t have anything to do will find something to do (and not necessarily something ââ?¬Å?good” to do). I would encourage you to consider a broader perspective. It is facilities like this (along with other Parks & Rec facilities) that help balance the need for ââ?¬Å?essential services” to ââ?¬Å?extraordinary circumstances”.

Frank Fountain