The Gallery @ 5th & Water: "6 Broads and a Bob"

S. Harb, title unknown.

During October, the Gallery @ 5th & Water welcomes back artists from Lexington's Nelson Street Gallery in the exhibition "6 Broads and a Bob," featuring work by Paisley Griffin, S. Harb, Dorothy Blackwell, Jean Marie Tremmel, Barbara Crawford, Clover Archer Lyle, and Robert Williams. A First Friday reception is scheduled for October 3, 5:30-8pm. Located in the foyer of Henderson & Everett and Stoneking/von Storch. Upstairs at 107 5th St., SE. 979-9825.


My husband has been hospitalized at UVA 3 times in the past year. One of the biggest problems I see is communication, after 3 visits we still can not get his medical records straight and forget about medications. Apparently physicians and hospital are not on same computer system. Housekeeping is not up to standards in my opinion and to many residents seeing patients and no continuity of care. The only thing you have going for you is some good surgeons, but that's not going to keep patients there long. Give me a call and I'll tell you of some of my UVA experience.

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Buckle your seatbelts, folks, and get ready for a threadjacking! You thought this was an informative article about UVa's medical residency program and its clinical programs? Guess again--it's actually fodder for Sean Cannan's obsession with Elson Health Center (HUH?) and with preventing women from exercising any kind of reproductive choice other than total sexual abstinence (except with him if they're cute coeds or Irish lasses, preferably twenty years younger than his 45 year old self). Yep, Sean opposes abortion AND birth control pills AND IUDs!

Good points, Hoo, but given that this story ran 4 years ago, perhaps the Hook will delete Sean's irrelevant posts, as they have on other threads.